Masks Cause Damage: Study Reveals Mask-Hypoxia-Blood Clot Connection

A 2018 study highlights the hypoxia-blood clot connection (exacerbated by masks), while a May 2020 CDC study (with WHO involvement) concludes masks are not effective to stop flu transmission. Loading… A serious and potentially lethal hypoxia-blood clot connection has been found by a scientific study entitled Hypoxia downregulates protein S expression. The study, published in July 2018, describes how hypoxia (a low concentration of oxygen) decreases Protein S in the blood, a natural anticoagulant. This leads to an increased risk for the development of thrombosis or blood clots, some of which are potentially life-threatening. The study was unique in that it was the first time research had shown that hypoxia could increase blood clot risk via a molecular cause. The worldwide agenda of mask wearing rules is not only unconstitutional and unlawful in many nations, but it is also causing mass hypoxia among the general population. In addition to the hypoxia-blood clot link, hypoxia also leads to fatigue, headaches, nausea, cognitive impairment, low energy levels and decreased immunity, thus causing mass damage

The Coronavirus Seal: Victoria’s Borders Close

The state of Victoria is being sealed off from the rest of Australia.  On Tuesday, at 11.59pm, the border with New South Wales will be shut with publicised resoluteness.  It is happening at the insistence of politicians across the country with a panicked urge.  On the way are reminders about the miracle that was federationContinue reading “The Coronavirus Seal: Victoria’s Borders Close”

April Ryan: 'Spreader-in-Chief' Trump 'Risking Lives' to Say 'Kung Flu' at a Rally

American Urban Radio Networks’ White House correspondent April Ryan appeared to be irritated by President Donald Trump’s political rally held in Tulsa, OK on Saturday night. During CNN’s wrap-up coverage of the event, Ryan expressed her displeasure with Trump’s use of the term “Kung flu,” and accused Trump of putting lives at risk by hostingContinue reading “April Ryan: 'Spreader-in-Chief' Trump 'Risking Lives' to Say 'Kung Flu' at a Rally”

Social Media Elites Furious After Donald Trump Says Coronavirus Called 'Kung-Flu'

President Donald Trump angered celebrities, leftists, and reporters after he said during a campaign rally on Saturday that some people called the coronavirus the “Kung-flu.” “Its a disease without question has more names than any disease in history,” Trump said. “I could name Kung-Flu, I could name nineteen different names.” Trump spoke about the coronavirusContinue reading “Social Media Elites Furious After Donald Trump Says Coronavirus Called 'Kung-Flu'”

Is the Coronavirus Scare a Psychological Operation?

First published June 3, 2020 Governments have used psychological warfare throughout history to manipulate public opinion, gain political advantage, and generate profits. Western governments have engaged in such tactics in the war on terrorism as well as in its predecessor, the war on communism. In both cases, state-sponsored terrorism and propaganda were used to distortContinue reading “Is the Coronavirus Scare a Psychological Operation?”

Coronavirus – The Aftermath. A Coming Mega-Depression…

First published by GR on April 9, 2020 What will be next? Is a question on many people’s minds. Very likely the world will never be the same again. That might be good, or not so good, depending on how we look at this disastrous, “pandemic” which by all serious accounts does not deserve theContinue reading “Coronavirus – The Aftermath. A Coming Mega-Depression…”

COVID Antibody Tests: Here Comes More Trickery and Fakery

COVID antibody tests are subject to false positives and all manner of interpretation, opening the door for them to be used as tools of control. Loading… COVID antibody tests are going to become a focus, now that many states and nations have partially or fully lifted their lockdown restrictions. As we enter another chapter inContinue reading “COVID Antibody Tests: Here Comes More Trickery and Fakery”

Two urgent Federal petitions against compulsory flu vaccinations to be signed

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews Share this: Related About Editor, cairnsnews One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen’s nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no ‘government’ ofContinue reading “Two urgent Federal petitions against compulsory flu vaccinations to be signed”

Premier apologises to distraught family for unreliable Covid 19 test

Economy destroyed by death from a thousand cuts A false positive Coronavirus test of a 30 year old miner who had passed away from other causes, threw a family into turmoil at Blackwater 200 klms west of Rockhampton last week. This morning the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk apologised to Nathan Turner’s family for the stressContinue reading “Premier apologises to distraught family for unreliable Covid 19 test”

Immunology expert Dr Dolores Cahill exposes major errors in the responses to Coronavirus

by Alex Stewart No benefit from ‘social distancing’ or masks if healthy, flu vaccines contaminated with coronavirus Dr Cahhill’s interview at goes for 69 minutes, and contains much fascinating information. Her qualifications are in the Appendix, including that she was on the Irish Scientific Technology and Innovations Council 2004-2013, and was nominated years ago toContinue reading “Immunology expert Dr Dolores Cahill exposes major errors in the responses to Coronavirus”


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