France Claims Number of Rescued Migrants in English Channel Tripled in 2021

French authorities have claimed that the number of migrants rescued by French authorities after shipwrecks in the English Channel tripled in 2021 to over a thousand. The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) stated Monday that French authorities had

France-Morocco ties remain damaged by Israel spyware claims

French-Moroccan relations have been strained for months in the wake of claims that Rabat used Israel's Pegasus spyware to gather information from the phones of French officials including President Emmanuel Macron. Last July, French prosecutors said they opened a probe into allegations that Moroccan intelligence services used the Israeli-made malware Pegasus to spy on several French journalists. The probe came after a ground-breaking collaboration by more than 80 journalists from 17 media organisations in ten countries found that as many as 50,000 phone numbers were said to have been selected by numerous states for surveillance using the Israeli snooping technology. Macron, former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and 14 French ministers were targeted for potential surveillance on behalf of Morocco in the Pegasus spyware case, the investigation […]

Algeria's Ambassador to return to Paris after 3-month hiatus

Algeria announced, on Wednesday, that its ambassador to Paris will return to his post on Thursday, three months after being pulled back for “consultations”, Anadolu News Agency reports. According to an Algerian Presidency statement, “President Abdelmadjid Tebboune​​​​​​​ received Algeria's Ambassador to France, Mohamed Antar Daoud, who will resume his duties in Paris on Thursday.” In October, the Ambassador was recalled from Paris, citing “irresponsible comments” made by French President, Emmanuel Macron, about Algeria. “The building of Algeria as a nation is a phenomenon worth watching. Was there an Algerian nation before French colonisation? That is the question,” Macron had said. Algeria was swift to strongly condemn the remarks, recalling its Ambassador and closing its airspace to French military planes. On […]

Egypt releases 3 prominent political prisoners. What about the 65,000 others?

The new year brought with it the welcome news that three of Egypt's most prominent political prisoners have now been, or are set to be, released from prison. Former EIPR researcher Patrick Zaki, who was studying for his master's in Italy, was freed on 8 December after 22 months in prison where he was held incommunicado, beaten and tortured by electric shock. Whilst in jail Rome granted him honoury Italian citizenship. Ola Qaradawi returned home on 31 December after being held in pretrial detention since 2017 and accused of being part of an illegal organisation in reference to the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. For two of the four years of her incarceration Ola was held in solitary confinement. This week […]

Egypt orders release of Egypt-Palestine activist Ramy Shaath

Egypt's prosecution has ordered that detained Egyptian-Palestinian activist Ramy Shaath be released from jail. Ramy has been detained since 5 July 2019 after security forces arrested him from his flat without a warrant and accused him of assisting a terror group as part of the Alliance of Hope, a then upcoming political block which planned to run in the elections. In 2020 authorities added him to a terror list, alongside other political prisoners including former member of parliament Zyad Elelaimy, banned him from travelling and froze his assets. A panel of United Nations experts later called for the removal of Ramy and Zyad from the list and criticised it as an attempt to “attack individuals engaged in human rights work.” His wife, […]

France claims Iran's space rocket launch violates UN rules

France has condemned Iran's space rocket launch, describing it as “regrettable” amid Iran's ongoing nuclear talks with world powers, news agencies reported. The satellite launch was in breach of United Nations Security Council resolutions, the French Foreign Ministry claimed. “These activities are all the more regrettable as they come at a time when we are making progress in the nuclear negotiations in Vienna,” the ministry expressed. It added: “We call on Iran not to launch further ballistic missiles designed to be capable of carrying nuclear weapons, including space launchers.” Iranian state TV showed footage confirming the launch from the Imam Khomeini Space Centre in the north of the country. Meanwhile, the US and Germany criticised the launch, which Iran defended […]

New Footage Confirms French Troops Are Still Operating In Northeastern Syria

File image. On December 29, activists shared footage showing a French Airbus H225M military helicopter flying over Syria’s northeastern region. The helicopter was spotted near the town of al-Shheell in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. At the time, Syrian Democratic Forces units in the town were placed on high alert, possibly in preparation for a joint counter-terrorism operation with the US-led coalition. France is a key member of the coalition. فيديو مصور لــتحليق الطيران المروحي التابع للتحالف الدولي على علو منخفض فوق مدينة الشحيل شرقي ديرالزور.#صدى_الشرقية#ديرالزور @Liveuamap — Sada AlSharqieh (@Sada_AlSharqieh) December 29, 2021 At least 18 H225M helicopters are in service with both the French Air Force and Army, which are apparently still active in northeastern Syria. The H225M is a long-range tactical transport military helicopter capable of undertaking various mission roles including combat search and rescue, aeromedical transport, logistic support and shipboard maritime operations. The French military had several posts in northeastern Syria, mainly in northeastern Aleppo and northern Raqqa. However, in October of 2019 a Turkish-led invasion of the region forced French and American troops to leave these areas. The Russian Military Police and the Syrian Arab Army took over. Earlier this

Balhaf: The Oil Port Where UAE Loots Yemen and Imprisons and Tortures Yemenis

BALHAF, SHABWA, YEMEN – Al-Shabwani, a resident from Ateq city in Shabwa province who requested that only his nickname be used, told MintPress News that he was detained for months and tortured in a secret prison inside Balhaf. Since 2016, when the UAE first entered Yemen’s most productive oil and gas areas in Shabwa, Abu Dhabi has carved out Balhaf as its personal fiefdom and turned the former gas facility into a military camp and secret prison. “Balhaf should be a lifeline for us in this difficult time, not a military camp and secret prison,” al-Shabwani said. “It’s time to kick the UAE forces and their mercenaries out.” Shabwa province is located in the center of Yemen’s southern coastline and, out of all the country’s provinces, served as a beacon of hope to all Yemenis for a better life, given its wealth of natural gas and geographical location. Today, the major gas and oil facilities in the province instead represent the theft of an entire people’s future. A case in point is Balhaf, a Yemeni industrial port town and the largest investment project in the country, thanks to its export of liquefied natural gas. For six years, the UAE has

In 2020, only 2% of hospitalizations in France were for COVID-19: official report

These figures were released on October 28 by an official agency linked to the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and brought to the public’s attention by Martin Blachier, a data analyst and public health specialist.

What Is France Hiding in the Sahel?

BAMAKO, MALI — On the 8th of October, Choguel Maïga, the prime minister of Mali, boldly informed the world that its former colonial power, France, was sponsoring terrorists in the country’s northern region. Standing before dozens of cameras and microphones, he provided details on how the French army had established an enclave in the northern town of Tidal and handed it over to well-known terrorist groups. The revelation was shocking not simply for the serious nature of the accusation but because in past times West African leaders have rarely sparred so openly with the French government. A chain of events simmering in the background for weeks triggered the latest spat. On October 2nd, Britain’s BBC published an article with the headline “Mali’s plan for Russia mercenaries to replace French troops unsettles Sahel.” The embattled media outlet further claimed: “There is deep international concern over Mali’s discussions with the controversial Russian private military company, the Wagner Group.” Scene after a terrorist attack in Gao, Mali, Nov. 13, 2018. | Wikimedia Commons By now we all understand that whenever Western corporate media outlets utter the

Steve Quayle Warns of Imminent Catastrophic COLLAPSE of America as We Know It

Like the British Empire before it, the US was incrementally groomed to become the primary host of the Globalist bankster parasite over the course of the 20th century, signaled by the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and the decoupling of the US dollar from gold in 1971. Both events undermined US sovereignty while transforming the US dollar into the world’s reserve currency and the US Treasury and US military into the instruments of the Globalists. Like the British Empire before it, the world was led to believe that America was the most powerful nation on Earth. The truth was that America had been hijacked by the banksters to engage in incredibly stupid war-profiteering adventures, like the invasions of South Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and through the CIA, to covertly undermine untold numbers of Third World nations around the globe. These actions served the interests of the criminals who had hijacked America, not the interests of the US Taxpayer who unwillingly funded these operations. These wars bankrupted the US, the same way the First- and Second World Wars bankrupted the UK and I’m willing to bet that this pump-and-dump model did not arise in the 20th

Deep State Deception Tricks Us into Thinking They’re Winning – Clif High

Today, the Biden administration will announce “new measures” in its COVID response that will target the unvaccinated. They seek to project the sense of an unstoppable juggernaut that can only culminate in FEMA camp incarceration and a Final Solution 2.0 for those who refuse to voluntarily kill themselves with the vaxx. Clif High joins Greg Hunter for what may be his most riveting interview, ever. He starts by saying that deception is the Deep State’s only weapon, such as the bait ‘n switch fake FDA approval and the announcement of a door-knocking campaign, to deploy teams of vaccine tracers to inject people at their homes – which lasted for a week before it fizzled into oblivion. The takeaway is that whatever tyranny Biden announces today at 5PM is not something to be too worried about. CCP BOT ARMIES Clif describes one of the most nefarious tools at the Deep State’s disposal, which is the heavy deployment of CCP bot armies throughout social media: “They are employing technology to trick us. They employ bots through all the social media…They have farms of people that are paid by the CCP to sit in rooms in China and people with about 40

France Has Gone to the Extreme with the “Health” Pass

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Woo d’État

Clif High explains that a typical coup d’état is an overthrow of the head of state but what we are about to experience is a “woo d’état”, where the head of state will be subsumed by the woo, a tidal wave of suppressed information and the collective consciousness of millions of people who know that they’re lying about everything. Clif says we’re at the beginning of a crescendo of this information that will last about 6 weeks and peak about midway. What I think he means by this is that there’s a quickening of events that will culminate in the complete collapse of the Biden administration’s credibility, namely, the proof of the election fraud, the implosion of the COVID narrative compounded by the fall of Afghanistan, where they just got caught with their pants down for all the world to see. US intelligence agencies, who just 4 days ago said that Kabul could fall in 90 days have now revised the figure to 72 hours. Incompetence to this degree has never been witnessed and many on the ground in Kabul believe this is deliberate. They can’t believe the Americans could be so incompetent. The Taliban are now in possession

France and Poland Increase Lockdown Measures As Infections Surge

This lockdown comes as part of the ‘Vaccine shortage’ narrative which is being pushed everyday by the mainstream media. With constant updates on the latest vaccine drama it is becoming its own soap opera. The vaccine rollout across the European Union has been hindered by delayed deliveries as well as the suspension in several countriesContinue reading “France and Poland Increase Lockdown Measures As Infections Surge”

Youths from Three African Countries Made Up 75 Per Cent of Underage Migrant Arrests in Paris: Report

In 2019 and 2020, following the easing of lockdown restrictions, asylum seekers from three North African countries made up 75 per cent of the minor migrants arrested in Paris. Earlier this week, French politicians Jean-François Eliaou and Antoine Savignat presented a report on the status of unaccompanied minor migrants (MNAs), revealing that the vast majority of criminal MNAs came from three Muslim-majority countries in North Africa, namely Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. In 2019, the country saw an estimated 17,000 underage migrants arrive, but most were from Guinea, Mali, and the Ivory Coast, French newspaper Le Monde reports. The Directorate of Judicial Protection of Youth (DPJJ) has estimated that about 10 per cent of all minor migrants — 2,000 to 3,000 people —- are engaged in crime. The majority are originally from the North African region known as the Maghreb. The report stated that in 2019, 75 or cent of underage migrants arrested were from the three north African countries and following the easing of lockdown restrictions last year, and the number was just as high. Le Monde also reports that cities across France face similar issues with underage migrant criminals from the Maghreb. French Department Reveals 80 Percent of Minor Migrants Are

World leaders voice shock, concern over events in US

World leaders reacted with shock and dismay to the storming of the US Capitol by supporters of US President Donald Trump, protesting congressional certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory, Anadolu Agency reports. “Shocking scenes in Washington, D.C. The outcome of this democratic election must be respected,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Twitter. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the events “disgraceful” and said the US “stands for democracy around the world and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.” Criticized for a belated reaction, after midnight local time French President Emmanuel Macron posted a video on Twitter, describing the scene of violence in Washington, D.C. as “not American.” “We believe in the strength of our democracies. We believe in the strength of American democracy,” he added. READ: Trump’s incitement led to the chaos on Capitol Hill, but democracy must prevail “I am following with concern the news that are coming from Capitol Hill in Washington. I trust in the strength of America’s democracy,” said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. “The new Presidency of Joe Biden will overcome this time of tension, uniting the American people.” German Foreign Minister Heiko