Tennessee diocese rescinds vax requirement after Supreme Court rejects Biden mandate

Immediately following yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, the Diocese of Knoxville dropped a mandatory vaccine policy for employees, which it said was initiated under the threat of ‘crippling fines.’

Ballot drop boxes that helped Biden take Wisconsin in 2020 were illegal, judge rules

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty says ballot drop boxes alone correlated with almost the entirety of Joe Biden’s margin of victory over Donald Trump.

LGBT activists again seek to fly homosexual ‘pride’ flag outside Ontario Catholic schools

The LGBT lobby didn’t succeed at accomplishing this last year despite their massive efforts. So, this year, they’re starting their campaigning early.

Trudeau gov’t reinstates vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers less than 24 hours after repealing it

The decision to go ahead with the mandate comes despite trade associations on both the American and Canadian side of the border warning that the policy could severely impact the already strained supply chain spurred by the COVID crisis.

Biden calls on businesses to implement their own vax mandates following Supreme Court defeat

The White House Press Secretary said the Biden administration’s intends to ‘continue to work with employers across the country and continue to convey very clearly what the benefit of vaccine or testing requirements would be on workplaces.’ 

How to prepare for possible food shortages

Given the facts that employees are constantly sent home to ‘quarantine when they aren’t sick and border crossings are often bunged up due to red tape ostensibly needed to ‘slow the spread,’ it was only a matter of time before commerce would reach a bottleneck scenario. 

California officials shut down Christian preschool for not masking toddlers

State officials repeatedly interviewed children without parental consent and searched through the school’s files, according to senior pastor David Hoffman.

DeSantis rips states that fired unvaxxed nurses but brought back jabbed workers who tested positive

‘That CMS mandate is absolutely insane, especially given the ineffectiveness of these shots to actually stop transmission.’

Alberta premier condemns Quebec’s proposed ‘health tax’ on unvaccinated residents

The ‘implication of this policy is that low-income unvaccinated people would be denied care, which is, I think, inhumane and unethical and certainly un-Canadian.’

Democrats are in trouble come the 2022 midterms: Here’s how they’ve been scamming the American people

To keep control Democrats must make things happen — or at least make us believe that they happened. Moreover, and equally important, there are things that have happened that they must make us believe didn’t really happen.

‘A threat to national security’: US Army officer exposes military’s ‘unlawful’ denial of COVID exemptions

‘The foundation of our nation is cracking right now and it’s not going to sustain the fallout if our citizens don’t realize what’s taking place and act on this immediately.’

Ethics committee investigates Trudeau gov’t secretly tracking 33 million cell phone users during lockdowns

Conservative MP John Brassard said answers are needed to determine ‘privacy, security, the data that are being collected, what it’s being used for.’