A Sea Of Change In COVID Sentiment – A Collapsing Pandemic Narrative

COVID sentiment is changing among top ranks in the U.S. and Europe through the Chinese are continuing to close up cities, shut down vital ports (threatening the world’s supply chain with a huge shock), and believe it or not, are putting their citizens in little boxes. However, talking about a sea of COVID change, the…Continue reading “A Sea Of Change In COVID Sentiment – A Collapsing Pandemic Narrative”

‘Covid – 19’ has a better survival rate than the flu

by Kev Moore It is a proven, indisputable scientific fact that the “vaccine” does not prevent infection and spread of the Covid virus or variants. It is also an indisputable fact that we are experiencing a pandemic of the vaccinated. Vaccination causes injurious side-effects and deaths that hospitals mislabel “Covid deaths,” and the vaccine damages the human immune system, thus spreading the virus. The “vaccine” also cause variants that are used propagandistically to keep the fear hype going despite the fact that hardly any serious injuries or deaths are associated with the “Omicron variant.” So why are public authorities using extreme tyrannical methods to force people to infect themselves with a dangerous “vaccine” when, even if the “vaccine” did protect, the mortality of Covid is extremely low and does not justify the dangerous side effects of the “vaccine.”Video: An Evocative Appeal from Some Indigenous People in Australia It is an established fact that there are very few “deaths from Covid.” The deaths are “with Covid” among untreated infected people denied HCQ and Ivermectin who had serious comorbidities. In other words, the entire panic is orchestrated and nonsensical. Here again are the infection fatality ratios and survival rates by age

Palaszczuk’s pathetic police pounce on cafe patron, takes four to incarcerate her

Link to pass around: https://rumble.com/vsjuio-palaszczuk-pathetic-police-pounce-on-cafe-patron.html?mref=qnz9d&mc=6f8oi from Matt Straight Hervey Bay: This is Australia now people. Such a sad day when five disgusting individuals in police uniform come to my cafe, Interrogate me as to whether I’m allowing un-vaxxed people dine at my establishment and then proceed to check all guests and arrest this lovely lady just because she wouldn’t show her medical records to them. So disgusted and embarrassed to be Australian right now. (so is the rest of the world) Would have loved five police when we got broken into four times. Truly heart broken, mad and disgusted. This lady peacefully left the cafe when the police entered and waited outside. It wasn’t until the police finished checking all patrons that all five focused on her and insisted she show her vaccination status. She politely said she would provide her name and address but declined to share her medical records. They pushed and pushed trying to get her to hand over her phone and when she refused, they said she is under arrest. We asked for what? There is nothing in the mandate that says you can be arrested for not showing, but

Global Research says no evidence world-wide SARS-CoV-2 has ever been isolated

https://www.globalresearch.ca/foi-reveal-health-science-institutions-around-world-have-no-record-sars-cov-2-isolation-purification-anywhere-ever/5751969 The central question raised in this study is the following: is there reliable evidence that SARS-CoV-2  has been isolated  from an “unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient”? The study provides documentation based on Freedom of Information requests addressed to Health /Science institutions in a large number of countries.  The responses to these requests confirm that there is no record of isolation/ purification undertaken by the numerous Health /Science institutions which were contacted. 

Professor Zimmerman slams the federal government and states’ Covid regime, resigns from Liberal Party

Victoria Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton has been given some terribly wrong advice about politicians and the public service being exempt from the Covid jab mandates. There is no provision in the Commonwealth Constitution expressly exempting a politician from anything. There is Sect 51, (xxiiiA) that prevents compulsory vaccination of all citizens but there are no exclusions for politicians. Professor Augusto Zimmerman likens the Covid performance of all governments to that of “totalitarian North Korea and Cuba.” Constitutional authority Professor Augusto Zimmerman resigned from the Liberal Party on January 5 over the coronavirus regimes adopted by the federal government. Here is his letter of resignation: The following is my letter of resignation from the Liberal Party. It has just been presented to the Membership Coordinator of the Liberal Party of Western Australia.   I cannot in good conscience remain a member of this political party. The reasons are provided in the letter below.   Professor of Constitutional Law, Augusto Zimmerman disgusted with PM Scott Morrison and the Liberal party’s totalitarian response to Covid

Aussie, US nurses blow whistle on COVID corruption of health system

Australian nurses at work in an intensive care unit. By TONY MOBILIFONITIS FROM Queensland to California to the UK and Europe, dedicated health professionals are speaking out against the big pharma-driven genocide agenda taking place in hospitals, made worse recently by the immoral, unlawful imposition of fascist vaccine mandates. In Australia 30-year career nurses like Debbie Jane Harris have quit under pressure from the vaccine mandate and have spoken out against the horrors of vaccine-induced injuries and deaths being suffered by thousands of Australians but ignored and covered up by imbecile ministers, clueless chief health officers and bent bureaucrats who inhabit bodies like the TGA, AHPRA, ATAGI and the AMA. The exact same horrors and lies exposed by nurse Harris have also been exposed by whistleblowing health professionals at Ventura County Hospital in California and published in the Conejo Guardian by journalist Joel Kirkpatrick. As in Australia and everywhere else suffering under the WHO-Gates-Rockefeller-Fauci medical mafioso, Kirkpatrick describes the totally corrupting effects of COVID-related protocols, vaccine mandates and politically and financially motivated bullying of medical staff. “Before COVID, nurses, staff and the community were confident in treatment modalities and in doctors’ competencies,” said one nurse. But now, “People are

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Sircus on Baking Soda

Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of the heroes in the Age of COVID, published 22 top tips for a healthier 2022. With all the subsets, it must come to at least 50 recommendations, all solid, but it is impossible to prioritize or employ them all from a practical standpoint. By the time you get down to…Continue reading “Dr. Mercola and Dr. Sircus on Baking Soda”

Mass exodus of 29,504 teachers from Queensland schools – no jab for us Premier

by staff writers The Queensland state school starting date has been extended by two weeks due to insufficient numbers of children getting the Covid jab and an alleged 29, 504 teacher resignations. The start to classes for all Queensland schools has been delayed by two weeks – from Monday, January 24 to Monday, February 7. However students in years 11 and 12 will commence remote learning from Monday, January 31. [embed]https://youtube.com/watch?v=oZJOBRdQOeE&version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparent[/embed] An Education Department official on a school-related social media website published the number 29,504, of alleged resignations yesterday which was recorded by a reliable source at the time. The social media site has now disappeared. A spokesman for Minister Grace Grace denied that any data regarding resignation numbers had ever been published on an official site. “It certainly sounds like someone has put out some incorrect information as the department has not released any figures,” the spokesman said. Meanwhile emergency meetings between senior Education Department staff and the Minister continue. The teachers’ refusal to get the jab has caused a 33 per cent reduction in the entire teacher workforce, the greatest ever exodus of experienced teachers in Queensland history. According to public service data there

Letter to TGA from medical professionals to stop vaxxing kids remains unanswered

Click to access Open-letter-TGA.pdf Rapid review of letter to TGAWe urge you to take immediate steps to undertake a rapid assessment of theimplications of this new information.Request: In the light of the new Pfizer data release, we request that you suspend theavailability of these gene-based vaccines for all children immediately.We request to meet together with you as a matter of urgency.We please request a response, by 28th December 2021 c/-drsconcerned4children@protonmail.com .This letter is signed by the following organisations representing thousands of doctors,nurses and allied health practitioners, including many eminent in their fields.On behalf of:Australian Medical Professionals Society ( https://amps.redunion.com.au/ )Nurses Professional Association of Australia ( https://npaa.redunion.com.au/ )Nurses Professional Association of Australia (https://npaq.redunion.com.au/ )Covid Medical Network ( https://www.covidmedicalnetwork.com/ )Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance ( https://qhpa.org/ )World Council for Health ( https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/ )

Australia a ‘medical apartheid regime’ using hypochondria

Letter to the Editor ‘Serbian Superstar Novak Djokovic is the Best Tennis Player in the world and the corrupt government of Australia is blocking his entry into the country to play in the Australian Open — Novak’s best event. The Australian government is now a medical apartheid regime using hypochondria as a strategy for totalitarianism. The control freaks and hypochondriacs are treating Novak as a criminal in order to broadcast their tyranny and control to the world. Australia is basically the new North Korea. No medical freedom = No freedom. Voice your Opinion and let the truth be told. from David Wolfe NSW

Notorious Melbourne and AFP cops arrest Djokovic after court sets him free, pepper spray supporters

[embed]https://youtube.com/watch?v=mSwNJvqS9mI&version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparent[/embed] Without doubt the Liberal National Party has just enacted its own demise and kick-started the Melbourne tinderbox where oppressed residents have endured Covid tyranny like no others on earth. Anything could happen in Melbourne if the fascists of the LNP and ALP deport the world’s greatest tennis player and strident advocate of vaccination choice. This assault of Melbourne’s ethnic community will attract world-wide condemnation, but we won’t see or hear about it in Australia’s controlled media. Keep the footage coming in Melbournians and we will support you.

Unvaccinated tennis great Novak Djokovic vindicated by court, deportation overturned

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-10/novak-djokovic-australian-deportation-court-hearing-melbourne/100747256?utm_source=sfmc%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8b&utm_medium=email%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8b&utm_campaign=abc_news_newsmail_pm_sfmc%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8b&utm_term=%e2%80%8b&utm_id=1800816%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8b&sfmc_id=236499429 Judge Anthony Kelly At last a fair, reasonable and intelligent Judge Anthony Kelly who has not been swayed by the lying media or the medical mafia about the official Covid narrative, hands down the only decision he could have made. Judge Anthony Kelly quashed the cancellation of Mr Djokovic’s visa and ordered he be released from Immigration detention and have his passport returned to him, awarding costs against the federal government. A lawyer for the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship told the judge that Mr Djokovic’s visa might still be cancelled, a move that would outrage tennis players and supporters across the world and certainly seal the fate of the Liberal Party at the next election.

Total Crap From Bloomberg

Bloomberg published the most significant and dangerous lines of crap in human history this weekend, but nothing unusual about that. The mainstream narrative about COVID and the flu is beyond belief though millions swallow whatever authorities and the media say. “Patience is wearing thin with the millions of people who refuse to get vaccinated against…Continue reading “Total Crap From Bloomberg”

Why would Australian governments want a coil gun or rail gun?

Letter to the Editor It may seem they want to “remove all guns from free members of Society” by dividing Sporting shooters, but I’m not sure it really matters all that much to the powers that be. Home affairs at the end of last year were calling on public consultation in relation to the electromagnetic weapons they would be importing for legitimate Government use (proposed by the end of 2021)The coil gun (Gauss gun) and the rail gun.“The coilgun operates very quietly, and does not expel a traditional gunshot sound. This means that any incident involving shots fired from the coilgun could easily go undetected by bystanders. In addition, the coilgun does not use conventional ammunition, and any ferromagnetic/conducting material may be used as a projectile”.“The coilgun is advertised as a lethal weapon and produces a projectile muzzle velocity between 40 and 80 meters per second (similar to that of some low-powered air rifles). When using the recommended ammunition, a kinetic energy of 85 joules is achieved. This is high enough to inflict wounds and potentially be lethal in certain circumstances”. “The Department was proposing to introduce a specific import control on electromagnetic weapons, except where the importation is

An tribute to outstanding Brisbane doctor Simon Stilgoe

Letter to the Editor Blessings Dr Simon Stilgoe. You have developed and used your God given talents to an amazing degree. I am sure you have many more years of service you could serve humanity.There must be thousands of people who thank you for what you have done. The one thing that stands out in this Plandemic, is that lack of concern for people ”s health. It is all about The Great Reset ,the control of the Monetary System and the control of the world population. Klaus Schwab (WEF) calls it The Third Industrial Revolution. He says,and he should know, it is about trans-humanism , population control , control of our movement , absolute control of the environment , total weather control , control of water, air ,all fuels, where you can go, when you can go, who you can see and who you cannot.It seems their lust for power knows no bounds. People this is precisely where we are headed if we comply with their mandates. The mandate must be agreed upon by two parties. I was looking at the lines of cars with people lined up for tests. What on earth is the matter with this thinking

Lots of brainwashed idiots will soon starve

Sadly, the PCR tests do not give true results. No one is sick. No one has the “virus’ or any variant (not that any test has ever been able to tell the difference). So we have all these fools staying at home for something they don’t have and are destroying the economy and society for something that isn’t real. People need to get a grip. Fools that are refusing to work for no good reason can’t see past their own stupidity – they are directly continuing to the starvation of potentially millions of people, including themselves. Got to admit, fear is one hell of a brainwasher. – contributed

US site to record and track Covid conspirators

by D Weldon As an example, this is a site that US lawyer Sidney Powell set up to track evidence for the stolen US 2020 presidential election. It also has a lot of statistical evidence and now has evidence for Covid. I believe the evidence is submitted to her defendingtherepublic.org site and her legal assistants update the database. There may possibly be evidence that has not been made public for privacy reasons or because investigations are still under way and the information could tip off the suspects. Election 2020 The site is using using airtable to host the data. The info gathered should not just about who mandated what, but also about evidence to prove that the TGA and the state goverments and CHOs had knowledge of effective treatments but ignored them. Submit FOI requests to garner as much information as possible. Take snapshots of web sites and download videos using Video DownloadHelper in case they are taken down. Some questions I would like answered: Who is doing the full genomic sequencing to detect strains and please FOI the data and let’s get that independently verified/audited and/or even better, have whoever is doing it watched over the

Treating Disease With Health Not Vaccines

Since the early days of modern medicine and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, the mental conditioning, propaganda, and hypnosis that bends the public’s minds towards their products has been relentless. Pharmaceutical medicine is a form of treatment that is not interested in promoting health (there is no money in that) or curing disease but…Continue reading “Treating Disease With Health Not Vaccines”