Final Messages – Part 2 – How the Revolution Begins

[embed][/embed] by Aaron Hawkins The shortages and supply chain collapse that reared their head in 2021 escalate in 2022. This is a logistical certainty. The chain reaction set off by the mandates is just beginning. The corporate media and the politicians don’t want to talk about the blockades by port workers and truckers or the rebellion brewing among the military and frontline workers. They don’t want you to think about the implications of firing millions of people at the same time. Sending families with children into poverty, while simultaneously withdrawing social safety nets for the non-compliant. Doing so would make it obvious that that the tragedy that about to unfold was neither unforeseen nor accidental. If the clowns running this circus get their way in your country food rationing, and social benefits will be tied to health passports. Regional and selective lock-downs will put the non-compliant under house arrest. Trouble makers will disappear into quarantine. Contact tracing and forced testing for any illness deemed a risk to public health provides the perfect smoke screen for a crackdown on dissent. This isn’t just a power grab being attempted here. It has all the hallmarks of something far more ominous.

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