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Illegal Immigrants

Ireland to Allow Thousands of Illegal Migrants to Stay Permanently

The government of Ireland has announced an amnesty scheme that will allow thousands of illegal migrants to stay in the country permanently.

Italy Arrests Suspected Terrorist Living in Migrant Reception Facility

A suspected radical Islamic terrorist was arrested this week at a migrant reception facility in Venice. He is believed to belong to an Islamic State cell.

DeSantis: Biden Administration Forcing Americans to Undergo Coronavirus Tests, Illegal Border Crossers Run Free

The Biden administration is forcing Americans to provide a negative coronavirus test when traveling back into the country, yet illegal border crossers are not held to the same standard, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) noted...

400 Migrants Expelled from Makeshift Camp Near Dunkirk

Police have expelled a group of 400 migrants from a makeshift camp near the northern French city of Dunkirk, just two weeks after police cleared another site in the area.

EU Border Agency: Illegal Migrant Entries Up 68 Per Cent in 2021

The European Union border agency Frontex has claimed that the number of migrants entering its territory increased by 68 per cent in 2021, with numbers in Italy nearly doubling.

BLM and the Neoliberal Color Revolution in America

Engdahl then breaks down the connections between Black Lives Matter, socialist organizations, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation (as previously noted, a CIA front organization), the Foundation to Promote Open Society, Borealis...