Iran Successfully Tested First Indigenous Solid Fuel Space Engine (Video)

File image. Iran had successfully tested its first indigenous satellite carrier rocket with an engine running on solid fuel, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh announced on January 13. The new solid fuel engine, dubbed “Raafe,” has a non-metal composite fuselage, which increases the energy and leads to considerable saving in relevant costs. “From now on, Iran will be able to launch a great number of satellites using low-cost engines,” Brig. Gen. Hajizadeh said addressing a gathering of religious scholars in the Iranian city of Qom, according to the Tasnim News Agency. “During the past two years, all Iranian satellite carriers, which were tested, operated on liquid fuel. But in this test, we succeeded to use solid-fuel engine with a 66-tonne thrust.” IMA Media, an Iranian independent social media-based defense news outlet, released footage showing the successful test of the Raafe solid fuel engine. [embed][/embed] Iran has been working to develop indigenous satellite launch capabilities for several years now. The country’s space program saw several setbacks. However, it is now moving forward faster than before. Last December, Iran launched three research payloads into the space aboard a

Israeli Authorities Arrested Five Citizens Suspected Of Spying For Iran

Illustrative image. On January 12, the Israeli Security Agency, Shin Bet, announced that it had arrested five Jewish Israelis suspected of assisting an Iranian operative in gathering intelligence and making connections in Israel. The five suspects, four women and one man, are all Jewish immigrants from Iran or the descendants of Iranian immigrants. The alleged Iranian operative, who maintained profiles on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, pretended to be a Jewish man named Rambod Namdar. According to the Shin Bet, some of the suspects told investigators that they were aware that Namdar may have been an Iranian intelligence operative, but continued their communications with him anyway. In exchange for thousands of dollars, the five suspects took photographs of strategically significant sites in Israel, including the US Consulate in Tel Aviv, attempted to form relationships with politicians and provided information about security arrangements at different sites. The security agency said that two of the suspects even attempted to convince their sons to join a Military Intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Forces at the direction of the Iranian operative. “With their grave actions, those involved put themselves, their families and innocent Israeli citizens at risk, as their information was transferred

Seyed Mohammad Marandi on the Iran Deal and the Assassination of Soleimani

[embed][/embed] VIENNA – World leaders have descended upon Austrian capital Vienna to participate in the ongoing nuclear deal being negotiated primarily between the United States and Iran. Today, MintPress spoke to Dr. Seyed Mohammad Marandi, Professor of English Literature and Orientalism at the University of Tehran. Dr. Marandi is currently in Vienna as part of the Iranian delegation. While corporate media often portray Iran as a recalcitrant pariah and the United States as a long-suffering broker in the situation, Dr. Marandi notes that it was actually the Trump administration that unilaterally walked away from the agreement. Furthermore, President Barack Obama refused to live up to his promise to remove financial sanctions against Iran. “Obama, from the very beginning, was violating the deal, the most important element of the deal, because the banking sector sanctions are the most important part of the deal,” Marandi told Mnar Adley today. Relations between the two countries fell to a new low two years ago this month, after the Trump administration carried out a successful drone strike against General and statesman Qassem Soleimani. While then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted that Soleimani was on the verge of carrying out an attack

A Stand-off Between U.S.-Led Coalition And Pro-Iranian Forces Is Heating Up In Iraq

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function(){ var player = videojs(‘content_video’, { autoplay: false, loop: false, fluid: true, controlBar: { liveTracker: false } }); var shareOptions = { socials: [‘fb’, ‘tw’, ‘reddit’, ‘messenger’, ‘linkedin’, ‘telegram’, ‘whatsapp’, ‘viber’, ‘vk’], url: window.location.href, title: “Stand-off Is Heating Up In Iraq”, description: “MONERO (XMR): 49HqitRzdnhYjgTEAhgGpCfsjdTeMbUTU6cyR4JV1R7k2Eej9rGT8JpFiYDa4tZM6RZiFrHmMzgSrhHEqpDYKBe5B2ufNsL The first week of 2022 was a busy one for forces of the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq. Since the deadline for their withdrawal from the country expired on December 31, pro-Iranian forces who are on a quest to avenge al-Muhandis and Soleimani, have increased their attacks targeting the U.S. military. Several attacks have already targeted the US Camp Victory military base near”, image: “”, // required for Facebook and Messenger fbAppId: ‘12345’, // optional for Facebook redirectUri: window.location.href + ‘#close’, // optional for VK isVkParse: true, // optinal embed code embedCode : “” }; player.share(shareOptions); player.downloadButton(); /* var options = { id: ‘content_video’, adTagUrl: “” + window.location.hostname + “&cb=” + + “&AV_WIDTH=560&AV_HEIGHT=320&AV_SCHAIN=[SCHAIN_MACRO]&AV_CCPA=[CCPA_MACRO]&AV_GDPR=[GDPR_MACRO]&AV_CONSENT=[CONSENT_MACRO]” // adTagUrl: “” + window.location.hostname + “&cb=[TIMESTAMP_MACRO]&AV_WIDTH=560&AV_HEIGHT=320&AV_SCHAIN=[SCHAIN_MACRO]&AV_CCPA=[CCPA_MACRO]&AV_GDPR=[GDPR_MACRO]&AV_CONSENT=[CONSENT_MACRO]” }; try { player.ima(options); }

Erdogan's upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his intention to visit Saudi Arabia in February, at the invitation of King Salman Bin Abdulaziz. The announcement came in Erdogan's answer to a Turkish businesswoman's question about the undeclared Saudi ban on Turkish goods and her demand that this problem be solved. The president will also visit the UAE capital next month, as he announced after the visit of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Ankara in December. It is expected that Erdogan's visit to Saudi Arabia will come immediately after his visit to the UAE and before his return to Turkey. The rapid restoration of relations between the UAE and Turkey following the visit of the Emirati National […]

Iran ready to restore ties with Saudi Arabia at any time

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said Tehran is ready to restore relations with Saudi Arabia at any time. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Abdollahian described dialogue with Saudi Arabia as “positive and constructive”, adding that within days Iranian representatives to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation will return to Jeddah, which is a “positive step”. He stressed that Tehran believes in the importance of having a broad regional dialogue that includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey to solve the region's problems, explaining that Saudi Arabia wants a dialogue with Tehran, which only focuses on bilateral relations. On 3 January, Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal Bin Farhan said in a press conference with his Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Safadi, in the capital, Amman, […]

Iran says US sanctions cannot justify Seoul's freezing of assets

Iran says South Korea is “obliged” to release its frozen assets, and that US sanctions cannot justify debt non-payment, Anadolu News Agency reports. Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister, Ali Bagheri, made these remarks on Thursday during a meeting with his South Korean counterpart, Choi Jong-kun, on the sidelines of the ongoing nuclear deal talks in Vienna, according to state-run media citing the Foreign Ministry in Tehran. Bagheri, who is heading Iran's 40-member delegation in the Vienna talks, told the senior South Korean diplomat that they are obliged to release the blocked money,, “irrespective of the outcome” of ongoing nuclear deal talks. Relations between the two countries have frayed in recent years, with Tehran accusing Seoul of freezing more than $7 billion […]

US-Led Coalition And Pro-Iranian Forces Fighting For Place In Sun

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function(){ var player = videojs(‘content_video’, { autoplay: false, loop: false, fluid: true, controlBar: { liveTracker: false } }); var shareOptions = { socials: [‘fb’, ‘tw’, ‘reddit’, ‘messenger’, ‘linkedin’, ‘telegram’, ‘whatsapp’, ‘viber’, ‘vk’], url: window.location.href, title: “Fighting For Place In Sun”, description: “MONERO (XMR): 49HqitRzdnhYjgTEAhgGpCfsjdTeMbUTU6cyR4JV1R7k2Eej9rGT8JpFiYDa4tZM6RZiFrHmMzgSrhHEqpDYKBe5B2ufNsL As of January 6, the war in Syria continues to heat up, mainly in the northeastern region where fierce confrontation between the US-led coalition and Iranian-backed forces may break out soon. The escalation began on January 4 when the US-led coalition struck several launch sites for short-range rockets near the government-held town of al-Mayadin in the southern countrysid”, image: “”, // required for Facebook and Messenger fbAppId: ‘12345’, // optional for Facebook redirectUri: window.location.href + ‘#close’, // optional for VK isVkParse: true, // optinal embed code embedCode : “” }; player.share(shareOptions); player.downloadButton(); /* var options = { id: ‘content_video’, adTagUrl: “” + window.location.hostname + “&cb=” + + “&AV_WIDTH=560&AV_HEIGHT=320&AV_SCHAIN=[SCHAIN_MACRO]&AV_CCPA=[CCPA_MACRO]&AV_GDPR=[GDPR_MACRO]&AV_CONSENT=[CONSENT_MACRO]” // adTagUrl: “” + window.location.hostname + “&cb=[TIMESTAMP_MACRO]&AV_WIDTH=560&AV_HEIGHT=320&AV_SCHAIN=[SCHAIN_MACRO]&AV_CCPA=[CCPA_MACRO]&AV_GDPR=[GDPR_MACRO]&AV_CONSENT=[CONSENT_MACRO]” }; try { player.ima(options); } catch(e) { console.log(“adblock detected”); }

Have Israeli airstrikes reduced Iran's influence in Syria?

Iran has, in recent decades, succeeded in building a network of allies and proxies among Middle Eastern countries, including Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq, that advance Iranian interests against those of other rivals particularly the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Despite being slapped with US and UN sanctions, the Shia-majority country has made milestone achievements in military industrialisation, developing its long-range missile capabilities and relying on allies within its traditional areas of influence in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. So Tehran has been gradually posing a threat towards the decades-old American strategy of protecting Israel and ensuring the latter's military edge over all countries in the region. Iran has become increasingly confident of its ability to confront and harm Israel, […]

Pakistan-Turkey train arrives in Istanbul, first in a decade

The first train carrying goods from Pakistan to Turkey arrived in Istanbul yesterday, completing the first such journey in a decade. The Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) cargo train – made up of eight wagons with a capacity of 22 tonnes – started its journey from Islamabad on 21 December and travelled 5,981 kilometres. It is hoped the new link will boost trade between the three countries. Turkey's Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoglu, Member of Pakistan National Assembly Makhdoom Zain Hussain Qureshi, and Iranian Ambassador to Turkey Mohammad Farazmand attended the ceremony held in Istanbul to mark the locomotive's arrival. “It will save time and cost compared to sea transportation between Pakistan and Turkey, which takes 35 days, and will lead to […]

Heavy rains, floods kill nine in Iran

At least nine people were killed in floods that hit almost entire Iran, local media reported and also reported by Anadolu News Agency. Ismail Najjar, head of the National Disaster Management Organisation, said that the recent heavy rains and floods killed at least nine people in Fars, Kerman and Sistan-Baluchestan provinces, according to ISNA news agency. Najjar said that heavy rains adversely affected 101 cities and 309 regions across the country. Efforts are ongoing to deliver aid supplies to flood victims in 17 provinces, including West Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Isfahan, Bushehr, Qazvin, Fars, Kirman, Sistan-Baluchestan, he added. WATCH: Heavy rains, floods hit Oman

Israel’s New Air Force Head Talks Scared and Tough on Iran: He Has Little Reason to be Either

JERUSALEM – As 2021 came to a close, Israel had raised the so-called “Iran Threat” issue to a whole new level. Upon his promotion in December to Commander of the Israeli Air Force, General Tomer Bar was asked by the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot (Ynet), “Are you able to attack Iran tomorrow?” His answer was “Yes!” He was then asked, “Will you be able to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities?” His reply: “There is no scenario where we act over there, and I don’t return and say ‘mission accomplished.’” In the summer of 2020, The Times of Israel reported that Israel had what it called a “Strategy and Third-Circle Directorate,” which focuses principally on “Israel’s fight against Iran.” The wording, “Israel’s fight against Iran,” is particularly apt: though more often than not it is described as “Iran’s fight against Israel,” it is, in fact, Israel that is a threat to Iran and not the other way around. Returning to the interview with the Israeli Air-Force commander, it is as though Israel cannot wait for the opportunity to attack, and indeed, the Ynet reporter who interviewed General Bar was eager. “Bar,” the story continues, “who will be tasked with carrying out a

Canadian court awards $83m to families of airliner downed by Iran

A Canadian court has awarded $83.94 million, plus interest, to the families of six people who died in 2020 when the Iranian Revolutionary Guards downed a Ukraine International Airlines plane near Tehran two years ago, killing all 176 people on board. Many of the victims were Iranians with dual nationality, including 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents. The six family members awarded compensation by the Ontario court lost spouses, siblings, children, nieces and nephews aboard Flight 752. Iran claimed at the time that the plane was shot down in error after mistaking it for a missile at a time of heightened tensions with the US. Initially the Iranians had vigorously denied that it had brought down the passenger plane. […]

Heavy Iranian-Made Rocket Struck US Camp Victory In Iraq’s Baghdad (Photos)

File image. Early on January 5, a rocket attack targeted the US Camp Victory military base which is located near the international airport of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad In a brief statement, the Iraqi Security Media Cell said that a single rocket, launched from the al-Jihad neighborhood in western Baghdad, struck the military base. The Sabereen News channel on Telegram claimed that the rocket hit the main building of the US military’s Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center (BDSC) in Camp Victory. No casualties were reported, however. Following the attack, Iraqi security forces found two rocket launchers along with a rocket that failed to fire in al-Jihad neighborhood. The 240 mm rocket was identified as a Falaq-1. This type is made in Iran by the Aerospace Industries Organization. The rocket has a maximum range of 10 kilometers and carries a 50 kg high-explosive warhead. Additional images. — Aurora Intel (@AuroraIntel) January 5, 2022 The rocket attack was most likely carried out by pro-Iranian forces in Iraq in the memory of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of the Popular Mobilization Units, and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani who were assassinated by the US around two years

Return to Iran nuclear deal better than no deal, Israel military official says

A return to the Iran nuclear deal is better than not having a deal, the Jerusalem Post reported Chief of Israeli Military Intelligence, Aharon Haliva, saying. The paper quoted Israeli news website Walla reporting Haliva saying in a meeting that the restrictions on Iran's nuclear programme within the framework of the deal are better for Israel than total non-compliance with the agreement. This stance, it added, opposes Mossad chief David Barnea's who was reported not to support the deal. On Monday, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid expressed opposition to the potential return to the deal, saying that the Vienna talks being held to revive it “won't reach an optimal result as far as we're concerned.” “We are not against any agreement,” Lapid said. “We are at the negotiating table with the superpowers […]

Despite his gratitude to Soleimani, Assad is clamping down on Iran's presence in Syria

Two years after the assassination of Qasem Soleimani in a US missile attack at Baghdad Airport, the legacy of the late commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is still disputed. His critics insist that he was a war criminal who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Sunni Muslims in the Middle East by helping to set up of dozens of Iran-backed Shia militias, and leading infamous attacks and sieges in Syria, such as the battle for Aleppo. Soleimani's supporters, on the other hand, call him the “great martyr of Jerusalem” who defeated Daesh singlehandedly and was an integral part of the “Axis of Resistance” against the interventionist west. This is despite the fact that none […]

Ex-Lebanon PM slams Hezbollah over Saudi comments

Lebanon's former Prime Minister Saad Hariri yesterday criticised Hezbollah for accusing Saudi Arabia of spreading extremism and terrorist ideologies in the region. Earlier on Monday, Hezbollah Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah accused Riyadh of exporting Wahhabi extremist ideologies and supporting terrorists who carried out thousands of suicide operations in Iraq and Syria. Nasrallah also slammed the Gulf kingdom for waging a seven-year war against the oppressed people of Yemen, killing children and women and destroying the country. This came after Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz called on Lebanon to stand up to Hezbollah. Responding to Nasrallah's comment, Hariri said Saudi Arabia and all Arab Gulf states had embraced the Lebanese people and provided them with job opportunities. “The one who threatens the […]

Time 'running out' to restore Iran nuclear deal, UK warns

Britain, on Tuesday, said the time to restore the nuclear agreement with Iran is “running out”, Anadolu News Agency reports. The remarks by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, came during a phone call with his Israeli counterpart, Naftali Bennett. The two leaders, among other issues, also “discussed the ongoing talks on the Iran nuclear deal in Vienna,” a government statement said. “The Prime Minister said the UK wants to see the negotiations in Vienna lead to full restoration of the JCPoA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), but that we need Iran to engage in good faith,” according to the statement. Johnson also said that “the diplomatic door is open, but time is running out to reach an agreement.” READ: UK threatened […]

Iraqi Resistance Keeping Promise: Infamous Ayn Al-Assad Base Targeted With Drones

Click to see full-size image On January 4, the second air attack hit a military base hosting U.S. troops in Iraq in two days. At night, two kamikaze drones targeted the Ayn Al-Assad airbase located in al-Anbar Governorate. The drones targeted the missiles depot, but were intercepted by the U.S. C-RAM (counter rocket, artillery, and mortar) system. No damage or injuries were reported. None of the groups operating in Iraq has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. Ayn al-Assad is one of the largest US military bases in Iraq with an area of 10 km. square kilometers. It was involved in the operation which resulted in assassination of Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the second-in-command of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units. Click to see full-size image A year ago, on January 8, 2020, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps launched from 10 to 22 Fateh-313 and long-range missiles such as the Intifada at the US airbase of Ayn al-Assad. The operation called “Shahid Suleimani” was a response to the Soleimani’s assassination. LINK, LINK, LINK As a result of the attack, U.S. facilities and equipment, such as helicopters and the helicopter maintenance unit, were