Cancer Survivor Story: Rebecca

By Ty & Charlene BollingerJuly 23, 2020 Rebecca is a loving mother from Nigeria, and she received her diagnosis of invasive carcinoma of the breast in 2001. We would like you to join us as she recants her 19-year long healing journey with us. Coming from Nigeria, Rebecca did not have access to the best medical resources, so she essentially kept her body and mind open to any medical possibilities or procedures that her doctors suggested. Since Rebecca is a devoted Christian, she prayed and reflected heavily. She started to have dreams where doctors or God would send her messages. At the time, she felt that they were random, but her strong faith drove her to listen to these messages. Whether it was to stop eating chicken or to eat more salad, she obeyed. She obeyed, and she found her health starts to flourish again, and signs of remissions were nowhere in sight. During her healing journey, Rebecca came across Dr. Llorente, a doctor in California that refused a mastectomy and was preaching about how she cured herself of breast cancer. Rebecca began to follow in Dr. Llorente’s footsteps by eliminating all prescription and over-the-counter drugs. She even

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