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from Truth or Consequences:  TRUTH LIVES on at

For Every Whistleblower They Make An Example Of, They Prevent A Thousand More

Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ Whistleblower Daniel Hale has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison after pleading guilty to leaking secret government information about America’s psychopathic civilian-slaughtering drone assassination...
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Fauci: ‘Vaccinated? Wear A Mask!’ Will He Ever Be ‘Canceled?’

from RonPaulLibertyReport: TRUTH LIVES on at
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Gold Is “Dirt Cheap Financial Insurance”

from Birch Gold Group: This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: How paper money is working in gold’s favor, gold is...
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While Our President Was Sniffing Girls

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker: …… the Chinese were doing what I pointed out was likely to happen back when I wrote Leverage as it applies to energy policy. Chinese government scientists have unveiled plans for a first-of-its-kind, experimental...
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Ep. 1571 The Definitive Guide To Liberal Propaganda – The Dan Bongino Show

from The Dan Bongino Show: TRUTH LIVES on at
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Have you seen the Olympics? Probably not. FYI, it’s not about sports anymore.

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man: Late in the evening of October 17, 1534, a small group of protestant activists swept across the five biggest cities in France, posting anti-Catholic propaganda posters all over town...
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‘Some Incredibly Bad Luck Lately’: Five Cuban Generals Mysteriously Died Over The Past Ten Days

by Ben Zeisloft, Daily Wire: Five high-ranking Cuban generals have passed away under mysterious circumstances over the past ten days. According to Periódico Cubano — a Florida-based news outlet that seeks to establish “a communication bridge...
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David Morgan provides Exclusive Silver Insights — Digital Chip Shortages

from The Morgan Report: TRUTH LIVES on at
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Militaries Plunder Science Fiction for Technology Ideas, But Turn a Blind Eye to the Genre’s Social Commentary

by Will Slocombe, Activist Post: Military planning is a complicated endeavour, calling upon experts in logistics and infrastructure to predict resource availability and technological advancements. Long-range military planning, deciding what to invest in now...
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Here Comes A Hawkish, A Dovish, Or A Zombie Apocalypse Scapegoating Fed: How Will Gold & Silver React?

from Silver Doctors: Unfortunately, it’s all eyes on the Fed this week. Here’s what it means for gold & silver… (by Half Dollar) I use the word “unfortunate” because people are thinking about the Fed...
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Big Business Wing of Deep State Threatens Humanity

by Alex Newman, The New American: The Big Business wing of the global Deep State is just as dangerous and just as evil as the Big Government wing, The New American magazine’s Alex Newman...
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Italian Restaurant Defies California’s Covidian Rule, Welcomes ‘Unvaccinated’ Diners – “Leave the mask, take the cannoli”

from 21st Century Wire: Basilico’s restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA proudly supporting small business and personal freedoms in dining culture. (Image via Twitter) Basilico’s Pasta e Vino in Huntington Beach, CA has once again shown defiance...

YouTube complies with CNN copyright claim, censoring leaked footage

YouTube has removed a recent video from investigative reporting outlet Project Veritas that featured leaked clips from an unreleased CNN documentary where Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses her experience of the January 6 storming of...

Collabio Spaces is a non-Google Docs document collaboration tool

Traditional office suites such as MS Office and Google Docs provide collaboration on documents via the cloud. But cloud services are not as secure as advertised, meaning it is not advisable to upload sensitive...
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Served Its Purpose? CDC and FDA Recall Faulty COVID PCR Test

by Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., American Thinker: Last week, big media was salivating over the COVID Delta variant and recommendations for indoor masking, even for the vaccinated, masking young children, and the possibility of...
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France passes controversial vaccine passport law

French legislators ignored widespread protests and passed a law requiring all residents over the age of 12 to produce COVID-19 vaccine passports to travel, visit a restaurant, and other normal life activities. Opponents to...
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Twitter Suspends 2020 Election Audit Accounts For Multiple States

from ZeroHedge: Twitter on Tuesday banned several accounts linked to official 2020 election audits, including Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania. The move comes one day after former Arizona GOP Secretary of State Ken Bennett – who’s serving...