This Revolution Is Non-Ideological

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Altnews editor’s comments:

Revolution? I have never understood the real value of that concept. You make a 360 degree turn, cause a lot of pain and suffering in the process and you are back precisely where you started.

Ok, you may have fresh new bunch of guys and gals at the top but you will still need a well operating public service to keep the thing going. Where are you going to find those? Among your fellow revolutionaries? From the left? From the right? Or from the Up and Down. Will they be suitably qualified and experienced? I suspect that you will simply (have to) invite the old and experienced bureaucracy  back to prevent the whole thing from falling apart and descending into chaos.

That is exactly what happened in France, Hungary, Cuba and, I would imagine, a score of other nations ‘liberated’ by a bunch of enthusiastic and dedicated revolutionaries. Good on them. Pity it did not work out.

While Caitlin Johnstone has done a great job at analysing the current and visible situation, I am afraid even a ‘Non-Ideological Revolution’ is not going to be sufficient to get to the core of the problem and fix it.

Now what I propose may be the only way out of the self limiting, fatally flawed mess mankind finds itself in, but, I suspect, it will be derided and ridiculed by the nay-sayers, non-thinkers, the sheeple and the debt-slaves that desperately cling to the empty promises and false hopes they have been programmed and brainwashed to believe in and so desperately strive for.

Rather, what I believe we need is an #Evolution. Not an evolution of the party, club, cult, religion, race, tribe, mob or gang, but an evolution of the #individual. Each and everyone of us. An evolution of the heart. An evolution of intent. An evolution of purpose. A promise each one of us makes just to  ourselves that while we know fully well and recognise that we all are intrinsically 50% bad and 50% good (in this yin yang duality), each one of us can decide to always choose for the good and reject the bad.

Maybe that will be the Evolution that will see us all rise above the mayhem and sinfulness of the self-indulgent era we must leave behind if mankind is going to survive at all.

With all this in mind, lets see what Caitlin Johnstone has to say in her imitable and unique way. Maybe our positions are pretty close after all?

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