Cubans Say They Are More Excited About School Reopening Than Regime Change

HAVANA — “If you build it, they will come,” said Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams. In Cuba, they didn’t come. Dissidents on the island, with their U.S. backers, had been working feverishly for months to turn the unprecedented July 11 protests into a crescendo of government opposition on November 15. They built a formidable structure, with sophisticated social media (including an abundance of fake news), piles of cash from Cuban Americans and the U.S. government, and declarations of support from a bipartisan Congress and all the way up to the White House. Even after the Cuban government denied the protesters a permit on the grounds that they were part of a destabilization campaign led by the United States, anti-government forces insisted that they were undeterred and were ready to take the risks. But in the end, their Field of Dreams turned out to be an illusion. What happened? Intimidation of dissidents was certainly a key factor. The leader of the Facebook group Archipelago, Yunior Garcia, was kept under virtual house arrest. Other leaders were threatened with arrest and repudiated by their pro-revolution neighbors. But at the grassroots, I talked to Cubans who had second thoughts about the usefulness

Private Facebook Group that Organized the July Protests in Cuba Plans Bigger Ones Soon

HAVANA — After gaining access to their private Facebook group, MintPress can reveal that the people who sparked the July 11 protests in Cuba are planning similar actions for October and November. The group, La Villa del Humor, is widely credited with providing the initial spark that ignited nationwide protests on the Caribbean island in the summer, the most significant demonstrations since the 1990s. On July 10, one of the group’s administrators posted this message: Tired of not having electricity? Stubborn because they didn’t let you sleep for 3 days? Tired of putting up with the impudence of a government that doesn’t care about you? It is time to go out and demand. Do not criticize from home, let’s make ourselves heard. If we’re not going to do it, we’d better shut our mouths and not talk shit from home that doesn’t solve anything. Are we more afraid to go out than to put up with all this cheek? How is it possible? We demand that [Presidents Miguel Díaz-Canel and Raúl Castro] also have blackouts. We demand that, since we have no food, at least they let us sleep. Hit the streets. Down with the opportunistic communist government now. This

The Bay of Tweets: Documents Point to US Hand in Cuba Protests

HAVANA — Cuba was rocked by a series of anti-government street protests earlier this week. The U.S. establishment immediately hailed the events, putting its full weight behind the protestors. Yet documents suggest that Washington might be more involved in the events than it cares to publicly divulge. As many have reported, the protests, which started on Sunday in the town of San Antonio de los Baños in the west of the island, were led and vocally supported by artists and musicians, particularly from its vibrant hip-hop scene. “For those new to the issue of Cuba, the protests we are witnessing were started by artists, not politicians. This song ‘Patria y Vida’ powerfully explains how young Cubans feel. And its release was so impactful, you will go to jail if caught playing it in Cuba,” said Florida Senator Marco Rubio, referencing a track by rapper Yotuel. Both NPR and The New York Times published in-depth features about the song and how it was galvanizing the movement. “The Hip-Hop Song That’s Driving Cuba’s Unprecedented Protests,” ran NPR’s headline. Yotuel himself led a sympathy demonstration in Miami. But what these accounts did not mention was the remarkable extent to which Cuban rappers like

Breaking through the Western Media Propaganda Coverage of Cuba Protests

Welcome to the MintCast Podcast — an interview series featuring dissenting voices the establishment would rather silence. I’m your host Mnar Adley. A string of spontaneous protests in Cuba became the unlikely focus of worldwide media attention earlier this week, the story dominating headlines for two straight days. Political and media figures across the spectrum weighed in, including the President of the United States. Joining me to discuss the protests, their causes, and the relationship between Cuba and the United States are Ben Norton and Alan MacLeod. Ben Norton is a Nicaragua-based journalist, writer, and filmmaker. He is the assistant editor of investigative news outlet The Grayzone and the producer of the Moderate Rebels podcast, which he co-hosts with editor Max Blumenthal. Alan MacLeod is Senior Staff Writer at MintPress News. An expert in the media and Latin America, his first book, entitled “Bad News From Venezuela: 20 Years of Fake News and Misreporting,” was published in 2018. Alan has lectured on Latin American politics at a number of universities. “We stand with the Cuban people and their clarion call for freedom and relief from the tragic grip of the pandemic and from the decades of repression and economic

Exclusive Interview: Kyle Rittenhouse Unfairly Smeared by Facebook and MSM?

I interview the attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse about the new video which claims to prove that the 17 year-old acted in self-defense during the shooting deaths of two men in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The full 11-minute video referenced in this interview can be seen at ISE Media by clicking here. ******** Learn about our new media platform project, ISE Media: https://ISE.Media Sign up for our newsletter Learn how to invest in our project:

Tunisia: Government is committed to providing jobs in southern province

An adviser to the Prime Minister of Tunisia has said that the government is committed to providing job opportunities in the southern province of Tataouine, Anadolu has reported. The province has seen a lot of social tension recently following accusations that the government has not fulfilled its pledges made in a 2017 agreement. However, JaouharContinue reading “Tunisia: Government is committed to providing jobs in southern province”

The Vatican sold the “Catholic Faith” to China for $2 billion a year !

Please help keep this website going by making a small donation in support of Leo’s work through Fundly:  or Patreon: Article by Leo Zagami The Vatican is helping China to advance global Marxism and ignore Hong Kong in exchange for billions of dollars in annual payments. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been sendingContinue reading “The Vatican sold the “Catholic Faith” to China for $2 billion a year !”

Atlanta Mayor Announces Positive COVID Test Hours After Governor Declares State Of Emergency

Hours after Kemp declared a state of emergency, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced over Twitter that she has COVID-19. COVID-19 has literally hit home. I have had NO symptoms and have tested positive. — Keisha Lance Bottoms (@KeishaBottoms) July 6, 2020 *  *  * Georgia governor Brian Kemp (R) has declared a state ofContinue reading “Atlanta Mayor Announces Positive COVID Test Hours After Governor Declares State Of Emergency”

Disney/ESPN Announces Documentary on Colin Kaepernick, Jemele Hill to Produce

ESPN is planning a new documentary focused on the NFL’s original anthem protester, Colin Kaepernick. Moreover, the network is working with one of their most controversial former talents to do it. Jemele Hill, who was once bought out of her contract at ESPN so she could give voice to her left-wing political activism on otherContinue reading “Disney/ESPN Announces Documentary on Colin Kaepernick, Jemele Hill to Produce”

Trump defends America, calls cancel culture ‘totalitarianism’ in electrifying Mt. Rushmore speech

ANALYSIS July 6, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Standing at the foot of majestic Mount Rushmore on the eve of Independence Day and amid thunderous cheers and chants of “USA! USA! USA!” President Donald Trump delivered a reassuring message counteracting weeks of Anti-American protests, riots, and assaults not only on the country’s historic monuments, but on historyContinue reading “Trump defends America, calls cancel culture ‘totalitarianism’ in electrifying Mt. Rushmore speech”

Are the Democrats a Political Party or a CIA-Backed Fifth Column?

How do the Democrats benefit from the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests? While the protests are being used to paint Trump as a race-bating white supremacist, that is not their primary objective. The main goal is to suppress and demonize Trump’s political base which is comprised of mainly white working class people who have beenContinue reading “Are the Democrats a Political Party or a CIA-Backed Fifth Column?”

British Government Encourages Mass Emigration from Hong Kong to Affect China

In late June, China’s National People’s Congress passed Hong Kong’s new national security law, later signed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The new law imposes a special security regime in the autonomous territory of Hong Kong, prohibiting foreign interference and preventing the development of terrorist or subversive political activities. Criticism was immediate across the westernContinue reading “British Government Encourages Mass Emigration from Hong Kong to Affect China”

The Battle of Seattle Was Fought by the Pro-war “Left” in Northern Syria

The ongoing series of protests, riots and unrest following the death of George Floyd culminated in the establishment of a self-declared “autonomous zone” by activists in Seattle, Washington, after police abandoned a local precinct in the city’s Capitol Hill district. Lasting just three weeks until law enforcement retook the six block territory from occupants onContinue reading “The Battle of Seattle Was Fought by the Pro-war “Left” in Northern Syria”

BLM Protester Dies After Being Struck By Car On Seattle Freeway

Update (07/05/2020): One of the two women hit by a driver early Saturday morning has died. Summer Taylor, 24, passed away Saturday evening according to a spokesperson at Harborview Medical Center in a statement to AP. Summer Taylor (left), 24, of Seattle and Diaz Love (right), 32, of Bellingham were both hit and are reportedlyContinue reading “BLM Protester Dies After Being Struck By Car On Seattle Freeway”


THE CARING PEOPLES PAPER  Please publish our stories and share them on social media. We are dependent upon donations. Never miss a story: Follow My Blog right-hand column scroll down Visitors welcome to visit  BOOKS or BUY FROM  AUTHOR Yet another prominent Afro-American has rounded on the notorious Black Lives Matter crypto-terrorist organisation. The BLM, which is alliedContinue reading “MUHAMMAD ALI’S SON DEPLORED BLACK LIVES MATTER”

“Racist” Menu Item Sparks BLM Outrage, Forcing Restaurant To Close

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp Linkedin Email by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost: BLM activists forced the closure of a popular restaurant after a quarrel over a social media post and a breakfast item named after a Civil War general in Omaha, Nebraska. The 11-Worth Cafe was a staple of its neighborhood for 44 years, but it isContinue reading ““Racist” Menu Item Sparks BLM Outrage, Forcing Restaurant To Close”

WashPost blogs shamelessly defend Antifa as too shapeless to blame for anything

Sunday, June 28, 2020 by: News EditorsTags: antifa, civil unrest, deception, Fact Check, fake news, Journalism, left cult, lies, politics, propaganda, protests, riots, terrorism, Trump, violence, WaPo, Washington Post, WashPost (Natural News) (Article by Tim Graham republished from And now on the “Monkey Cage” blog they’re promoting a leftist German professor named Curd Knupfer,Continue reading “WashPost blogs shamelessly defend Antifa as too shapeless to blame for anything”

Disney to Overhaul Splash Mountain Following Accusations of Racism

The Walt Disney Company will completely overhaul its popular Splash Mountain rides at the Magic Kingdom in Florida and Disneyland in California following accusations that the theme park attraction features racist imagery from the 1946 Disney movie Song of the South. Disney said Thursday that the revised Splash Mountain will be adapted from the 2009Continue reading “Disney to Overhaul Splash Mountain Following Accusations of Racism”