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The Media Sabotage of Hydroxychloroquine Use for COVID-19: Doctors Worldwide Protest the Disaster

Introduction A dangerous, life-threatening sequence of events has unfolded since The Lancet’s fraudulent[i] hydroxychlorquine (HCQ) article appeared May 22, followed by headlines demonizing this ancient anti-malarial drug – aka quinine, aka chloroquine, and known to antiquity...
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About My Mission: My motivation, whether you are a member of the community or have just heard about me for the first time, is to make you as healthy as you can possibly...
Brendon O'Connell banned from

Brendon O’Connell

05/Aug/2019 NEW Youtube channel: Video 18. THE IRAN/ISRAEL WAR PACT | HOW ISRAEL SCAMS US TAXPAYERS +++++++ Blog has been removed Sorry, the blog at This address is not available for new...