29 of the most common spiritual blocks

What’s been your biggest spiritual block lately?Take a moment to contemplate this question…No pressure. You don’t need a definitive answer right now. It’s a profound question to integrate though.This little article will help give you some perspective on spiritual blocks, as well as what most people tend to go through.First, let’s address a common misconception. Spiritual growth isn’t about gaining anything.It’s really a letting go of illusion and limitation. When you let go of the limitations, your true essence naturally emerges.That’s why one of the most important conversations to have (even with yourself) is about your spiritual blocks.What is blocking you from growing spiritually and being your best self?Here are some of the most common ones…External BlocksMany people believe that circumstances or other people are blocking them spiritually.Some examples of this are…My relationshipCoworkersMen/WomenThe governmentThe “elite”The newsThe economyMy jobMy kidsMy parentsMean peopleThe pandemicInjusticeWe’ve all heard people blame this stuff, or even complained about it ourselves.Although many people will argue that external circumstances, like the examples above, are what’s blocking their spiritual growth, it’s actually not the case.It’s not the external that blocks us, it’s our RESPONSE to the external.For example, if you respond to toxic people by getting mad at them

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