La Quinta Columna 1-on-1: Spanish Researcher First to Reveal Graphene Oxide

Biostatistician Dr Ricardo Delgado of the La Quinta Columna dissident research group from Spain joins Stew Peters to discuss the contents of the vaxxine vials. La Quinta Columna was the first group to report graphene oxide, which Dr Delgado says amplifies 5G signals within the body, from gigahertz to terahertz, which he thinks, in turn powers their self-assembly into the microchips, which are also found in the vaccine, over time. Dr Delgado says that vaccinated people therefore emit lots of radiation and that an aspect of the “shedding” phenomenon, whereby unvaccinated people are made ill in the presence of those who are vaccinated has to do with these high levels of radiation. He says that classic COVID symptoms match those described in the scientific literature as symptoms of radiation exposure. He does not believe the virus is real and notes that it has never been isolated from a human body. He believes COVID symptoms are largely a result of the new 5G signals that are starting to come online all over the world. These fields can sicken the unvaccinated but their effect on the vaccinated is to make them even sicker. Stew tells him about his recent bout with

CDC Whistleblower Drops Nuke: Deadly Bioweapon Lots Targeting Specific Groups

Team Enigma is back at it again with more information bombs about the bioweapon clot-shot. Dr Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to discuss this new development. #authorarea{ background: #000000; border: 1px solid #000000;; padding: 10px; width:100%px; height:100%px; overflow:hidden; } #authorarea h3{ margin:0; } #authorarea h3 a{ text-decoration:none; } #authorarea img{ margin:0; float:left; border: 1px solid #ffffff; width: 150px; height: 150px; } #authorarea p{ margin:0; } #authorarea p a{ } .authorinfo{ float:left; margin-left:5px; } Contributed by Alexandra Bruce Contact

BREAKING: Deadly Vax Lot Numbers IDENTIFIED, Still in Circulation!

Many are wondering why some geographic areas, such as those surrounding Silicon Valley are not seeing nearly as many adverse reactions to the vaxx as other areas, with Prudential reporting a 87% increase in death benefits paid out in the third quarter of 2021, compared the third quarter of 2020. Pacific Life and Annuity is reporting that claims are up by over 80% and other insurers reporting increases of between 12% and 40%. According to Dr Jane Ruby, we the people of Planet Earth are being subjected to mass unethical drug testing, without informed consent, against all ethical and regulatory rules; tests that are supposed to be reserved for rats and mice. ATTACK ON AMERICA: COMPANIES INTENTIONALLY DEPLOYING TOXIC BATCHES  Dr Ruby joins Stew Peters to relay how she spent 3 hours with researchers who have been painstakingly identifying the lot numbers of the most deadly vials that are now in circulation. She says that hackers were able to break into the systems of Pfizer and Moderna and the researchers were able to put together a comprehensive list of all the lots and the code numbers of the most toxic batches. According to the hackers, 5% of the batches

Pfizer and Moderna Thawed: Warmed Vials Become ‘Alive’ Self-Moving Organisms

Dr Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to discuss the findings of a group of doctors in South Korea, who call themselves the Korean Veritas Doctors for COVID-19. After obtaining vials of partially-used vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, they claim to have observed “moving organisms” via stereomicroscopy at 400X magnification and they warmed the vials to human body temperatures (97ºF–99ºF). This Korean group reportedly sent the samples to an OBGYN lab that is run by Dr Young Mi Lee, who is said to be coming forward and who will hopefully be on the Stew Peters show soon. I found someone matching this description and was surprised to find that she’s a Manhattan-based Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine. Is this the same person? Dr. Ruby says she was just contacted by one of the Korean doctors and she says, “They’re very concerned. They just made these discoveries several days ago. They’re in the process of continuing their analysis with additional vials… “They saw these forms under the microscope…start to, not only move, Stew but what’s really new about this is that they changed form, according to these doctors. “And this goes along with what Fauci testifies to

Fauci Patent for Vaxx-Induced AIDS: HIV Glycoprotein 120 Contained in Vaxx

  As I first reported on February 9th 2020, and again on March 15th 2020, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi had published a paper on January 31st about their findings of four unique insertions in Novel Coronavirus. These were the features which made it “novel”, because they had not previously been found in any other coronavirus. It just so happens that these insertions appeared to be the same spike glycoprotein GP120 found on the HIV virus. In the Abstract, the Indian scientists wrote that this fact was “unlikely to be fortuitous in nature,” which was a delicate way of saying that SARS CoV-2 is a bioweapon. The four HIV GP120 and gag protein receptor sequences that they’d discovered in the SARS CoV-2 virus are what allow both the HIV and COVID viruses to enter the cells of human bodies and to bind to human CD4 (T type white blood) cells. If the presence of HIV GP120 in the Novel Coronavirus were due to random mutation/recombination, we’d expect to see other HIV sequences randomly distributed in the Wuhan virus’s genome. But we don’t. These HIV sequences are found ONLY in critical binding sites, which is a

Dr. Noack Confirmed Dead After Graphene Hydroxide Podcast

In an update to the case of Dr Andreas Noack, Dr Ariyana Love joins Stew Peters to confirm that the German chemist – whose viral video confirmed the findings of Dr Campra Madrid of graphene hydroxide nano razors in the vaxx – is indeed dead, despite rumors to the contrary. Dr Love says that not only did she receive a personal invitation to Dr Noack’s funeral, she also investigated the police report of his untimely death in the hospital at Lavanttal, Austria. Apparently, Dr Noack had moved to rural southeastern Austria and was no longer living in the attic apartment in Southern Germany, where he was seen livestreaming while he was arrested on November 18, 2020 by members of the USK support command of the Bavarian Special Forces. German sources had reported that Dr Noack was not the target of the sting, with the police headquarters in Middle Franconia announcing that, “The operation, which had been initiated by the Berlin public prosecutor’s office had been directed against a narcotics smuggling ring.” The police spokesman also stressed that the operation was “not a retaliation against the person who broadcast the livestream.” Dr Love also tells Stew that there was “An electrical

PROOF: FDA Concealing Adverse Reactions

Karen Kingston joins Stew Peters to discuss revelations of fraud at a research company contracted to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial and how the FDA stepped in to conceal the high frequency of adverse reactions by removing these patients from the vaccine data. Kingston says this is criminal. “This is conspiring to commit aggravated assault against minors and adults in America. There’s no gray area, anymore.” On November 2nd, the British Medical Journal put out a report in which they announced that a whistleblower named Brooke Jackson, who works for the contract research organization, Ventavia had come forward to say that during one Pfizer trial of 1,000 vaccinated patients, nearly half were coached to alter the descriptions of their adverse events in their test diaries after 407 came down with COVID-19, versus 287 in the placebo group, which Karen describes as “A serious adverse event.” “They came down with it, Stew within a week of their first or second dose and they define COVID-19 as not just the mild or moderate symptoms, they define it as severe liver, kidney and neurological disorders, they define it as death and ICU admissions.  “So there could have been 407 people

Emergency Over: All EUAs Illegal, One Million 5-11 Year Old’s Jabbed in 2 Days

Over the weekend kid-sized needles were injected into the arms of millions of American children after jabs were approved for 5-11 year old’s, but is it even legal? Dr Jane Ruby joins Stew to detail how all Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) are medically criminal, and lack real scientific backing. The Vaxx Kills. Stop the #CLOTSHOT! #authorarea{ background: #000000; border: 1px solid #000000;; padding: 10px; width:100%px; height:100%px; overflow:hidden; } #authorarea h3{ margin:0; } #authorarea h3 a{ text-decoration:none; } #authorarea img{ margin:0; float:left; border: 1px solid #ffffff; width: 150px; height: 150px; } #authorarea p{ margin:0; } #authorarea p a{ } .authorinfo{ float:left; margin-left:5px; } Contributed by Alexandra Bruce Contact

SHOCKING: Dr. Carrie Madej Releases FIRST LOOK at Pfizer Vial Contents

Dr Carrie Madej is back with new images of the synthetic biology she found in both the Johnson & Johnson and the Pfizer vaccines, with full chain of custody, which will be coming out in an upcoming Project Veritas video but we get a little taste from the Johnson & Johnson vial, which shows a transparent “creature” moving robotically over the surface of this mysterious nano disk array that Dr Madej photographed! These nano disk arrays imaged by Dr Madej look exactly like those photographed by South African doctor Zandre Botha. Biotech analyst, Karen Kingston says these nano disks are what might be described in US Patent #20100216804, ‘Long Circulating Nanoparticles for Sustained Release of Therapeutic Agents’. As Kingston recently pointed out, Section [0046] of this patent says that it can contain gene therapies, medical therapeutics, pathogen-borne diseases or hormone-related products that can be in there. As she also pointed out, Section [0074] of this patent says that these nano disks can also contain moieties, so they can put biomedical products in there that are programmed to go to certain parts of your body, so that it actually knows to go to the ovaries, to go to the testes or to

Dr Stella Immanuel Hits Breaking Point, Erupts During Ivermectin Interview

Dr Stella Immanuel joins Stew Peters to talk about the transhumanist and genocidal agenda of the Covax operation. She says, “They are doing everything that they can to get the medication that they need. People aren’t dying in hospitals because they are vaccinated or unvaccinated, they are dying in hospitals because they are withholding treatment from them, and then they are giving them dangerous medications, like remdesevir that knocks out their kidneys. They’re giving them steroids for long periods of time that knocks out their immunity. “So at the end of the day, we all need to die to scare other people to take the jab. That’s the bottom line. So this is depopulation and genetic modification… “It was always a Trojan Horse for the vaccine. This virus has always been completely treatable and completely preventable.” Dr Stella Immanuel has filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Anderson Cooper and CNN, after they trashed her for her advocacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, as part their larger agenda to smear and demonize these time-tested, safe and effective medicines. To Dr Immanuel, sees all of this as the Book of Revelations Chapter 13, writ large and Stew, who is also a

RECEIPTS: Patents Expose “Medical Devices” in Jab, Injectable Computing System

Biotech analyst, Karen Kingston joins Stew Peters and she continues to blow holes in the “safe and effective” narrative surrounding the vaxxines, which are clearly part of an intentional global depopulation plan. She says, “There are four advanced technologies that are part of these injections and the purpose of them is to trace your social network and your activities, as well as deliver different drugs and genetics and immune processes… “Let’s just dive right into it, because I want people to see where I got this information from. If you go to the Moderna website, right on the Moderna website, they post the patents for the injections. “Keep in mind, the Pfizer injection – all the mRNA products – fall under Moderna. So, it’s US Patent #10703789B2, issued on July 7th, 2020 and what you’ll see, right there is a description of the four lipid nanoparticles that are in here and that encapsulate the mRNA. “As you read through a patent, what you’ll find, in the ‘art’ or the ‘abstract’, when they describe…what this does and in Section 201, they explain that there is a delivery system involved and if you go on to read the delivery system, it

Alleged Secret Databanks With Maria Zack and Philippe Argillier

Last night, Sean Morgan was joined by Maria Zack and her contact, Philippe Argillier, a French billionaire who claims to be the source of the documents that have been published since 2017 by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) as the Paradise Papers, the Panama Papers and earlier this month, the Pandora Papers. These three leaks total nearly 40 million documents, which expose the secret offshore bank accounts of current and former presidents, prime ministers and heads of state, as well as more than 100 billionaires, celebrities, and business leaders. The ICIJ estimates that the amount of money being held in offshore bank accounts by these individuals ranges from $5.6 trillion to $32 trillion. Argillier says that these leaked documents come from four databanks, of which he obtained full ownership on September 1st, which expose the 38 Tier Two individuals who run the global Shadow Government that controls the Deep State of compromised government members around the world. Maria Zack says she had been vetting these documents and working secretly with Argillier for four months before he came forward. Last week, she was offered €5 million to cease her investigations and Argillier was offered €20 billion to hand

RECEIPTS! Patent PROVES Vaxx is Obedience Training Platform

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst who joined Stew Peters to discuss the new contact tracing apps that Australians are being forced to use and which will inexorably arrive here. She says: “Americans thought that being vaccinated, they were getting their ticket back to their liberties and freedom, when actually, it is a gateway to an obedience platform and potentially, an execution platform, if you are not obedient, based on your score… “Let’s go to US Patent #20210082583 [Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals filed by Gal Ehrlich and Maier Fenster ] and if you go to Section [0378] – remember now, this patent talks about having devices that connect to external servers, including apps and this patent, through Section [0378], you may be needed to download a mandatory dedicated app. And what it says is: “‘In view of the pandemic, the government may order the citizens to install a dedicated application on their smartphones…to help the government with the logistics of the vaccination procedures.’ It goes on to say that, ‘In some embodiments, the app and/or the smart device is configured to inform on the user’s location at

Dr Carrie Madej: First US Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed

Dr Carrie Madej joins Stew Peters to describe the incredibly creepy things she found when she put the contents of the vials from three different batches of the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines under the microscope. She describes what appears to be self-assembling synthetic biology and these horrific, seemingly sentient microscopic tentacled organisms and brilliant colors emanating from some of these graphene-like structures which nanotechnology experts told her may be indicative of a superconducting material. “First, it looked just translucent and then, as time went on, over two hours, colors appeared, which, I’d never seen anything like this. There wasn’t a chemical reaction happening. It was like a brilliant blue and a royal purple, a yellow and sometimes green. These colors appearing, I did not know what that was. “After investigating more, a superconducting material can do that with white light emitted to it. A superconducting material would be something like an injectable computing system. “Anyhow, these fibers were appearing more and more. Some of the fibers had a cube structure on them…and also metallic fragments were in there. They were not metallic fragments I’m used to seeing. They were exotic. They’re very opaque… “All the particulates,

AUDIT: Wendy Rogers Confirms Routers OBTAINED! Results Promised Friday!

Good news has been hard to come by for a LONG time, so I’m so happy to bask in the glow of this confirmation from Arizona State Senator Col Wendy Rogers, that the Arizona audit results will be released on the floor of the Arizona State Senate this Friday, September 24 – and that the routers WILL BE INCLUDED! Contrary to the deprecating claims of all the nay-sayers, Sen Rogers confirms to Stew Peters that it’s happening and that the results will prove that massive fraud occurred in her state during the 2020 Election. She says that the next step is for Arizona to decertify their election and hopefully, for other states to follow their example. Her petition to de-certify it [SIGN HERE] has already garnered over 950,000 signatures. Hopefully, other states will follow their example. She says she’s in touch with Conservative state legislators in Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and is advising them. MIND-CURDLING FRAUD  For a peek at the labyrinthine fraud that is about to come out, the State of Arizona cross-checked more than 673,000 voter applicants’ profiles with the Social Security Administration and found that 393,017, or 58% of credentials did not have matching records with

General Milley Orchestrated Coup, Committed Treason – Execution is Penalty for Traitors

If you look closely at the actions of General Mark Milley in recent years, what you see is the highest-ranked member of the US military empowering – and even arming – the enemy, whether it be the Taliban, BLM or the CCP. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Milley presided over the Communist military coup which stole the 2020 Election and then installed 35,000 troops in DC to protect the senile puppet. Treason has been normalized under Milley. Will Milley get a $5 million book deal and be allowed to retire to Martha’s Vineyard, lionized as a Globalist hero or will he be subject to the law? Colonel Christopher Miller, who was the acting Defense Secretary at the time of the calls said: “The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the highest-ranking military officer whose sole role is providing military-specific advice to the president, and by law is prohibited from exercising executive authority to command forces,” Miller said. “The chain of command runs from the President to the Secretary of Defense, not through the Chairman. “If the reporting in Woodward’s book is accurate, it represents a disgraceful and unprecedented act of insubordination by the Nation’s

Microscopy Expert: Vials Contain Graphene Oxide, Parasites, Stainless Steel

Dr Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to discuss the findings of Dr Robert O Young, published on August 20th, entitled, “Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines”. This report should be considered a warning to anyone considering the jab. Dr Young is a microscopy expert who published his findings, complete with images, after examining the contents of the four publicly-available COVID-19 jabs with various microscopy methods, including Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy. He determined that the vials contain graphene oxide and nano-sized particles of stainless steel and other toxic metals, which we had already been hearing about, starting with Dr Ruby’s appearances with Stew Peters in early June. She cited papers published by the NIH about “Manipulative magnetic nanomedicine” as “the future of COVID-19 pandemic therapy” and about SPIONs or Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, in which a magnetic field is placed in and around the lipid-nanoparticle envelope surrounding the mRNA, to drive the spike protein manufacturing technology deep into your cells. We get a bit more information here about how that mechanism might work from Dr Young’s report. He says the Johnson & Johnson vaccine contains particles composed

Dr David Clements – Bad Actors EXPOSED, Coup Attempt REAL, All Lies REVEALED!

Joe Biden had intended to hide from the press at Camp David and had no plans to publicly address the nation until Wednesday, but there was no way that he could get away with that, as the Leader of the Free World, so he was flown back to the White House yesterday afternoon to give a bumbling 10-minute speech, in which he blamed Trump for the fall of Kabul and he refused to take responsibility for his decisive role in the disaster that is now unfolding.  He was promptly flown back to Camp David. The Mainstream Media and all of the Globalist-controlled politicians around the world – and even people like Leon Panetta – came out of the woodwork to join the chorus of opprobrium against Biden, which is a signal that the Biden Removal Op has begun. After shamelessly propping up Biden since he declared his candidacy in 2020, the gravity of Afghanistan is such that he is toxic to them now. As News max reporter Emerald Robinson says, the fall of Afghanistan is not just a crisis of credibility for Biden but for the Brookings Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations and for the entire Neoliberal foreign