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Austrian Police Officers Rebel Against Proposed Mandatory Vaccines: Claim

Police officers in the Austrian region of Vorarlberg have written a letter attacking the government's mandatory vaccine policy, while police officials have accused them of violating their oaths.

“Against Vaccine Passports” – New UK directory to help customers connect with businesses that stand against passports

Three UK countries – Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – have made vaccine passports mandatory in some settings, despite concerns over the way they restrict freedom, create privacy risks, and aren’t supported by empirical...

Watch: Get Vaccinated if You Want to Participate in Society, Senator Tells Ireland

Irish Senator Gerry Horkan has stated that those who wish to "participate in society" must be vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus.

Fauci admits COVID vaccine efficacy is failing, as FDA, CDC approve boosters

Fauci acknowledged Tuesday a ‘significant’ amount of vaccinated Americans are being hospitalized for COVID and said boosters are ‘going to become a part of the standard regimen.’

Austrian police check shoppers for vaccine passports

Videos of Austrian police demanding vaccine passports from shoppers are circulating online, shocking civil liberties defenders around the world. Austria recently implemented a rule that put those without a vaccine passport on lockdown, while...

Colorado introduces vaccine passports for some large events

Colorado has announced an affront to civil liberties by introducing vaccine passports in certain jurisdictions in an effort to curb the rising number of COVID-19 cases. Related: How vaccine passports are crushing freedom, privacy, and...

Hypochondriac Covidians the Biggest Menace Since WW2

Any future tourists to Australia are going to find the populace living in abject fear... The post Hypochondriac Covidians the Biggest Menace Since WW2 appeared first on The Unshackled.

Exposing Vaccine Passports

Amy Bohn, Co-founder of PERK joins Del Bigtree to expose the ties between China and the World Economic Forum in California’s “Vaccine Passport” infrastructure, which threatens to make everyone a prisoner and a slave. We...

TNE 24 Zero Goals

With the fool’s goal of covid zero now abandoned, zero restrictions on liberty should be... The post TNE 24 Zero Goals appeared first on The Unshackled.

Final Messages – Part 1 – How the Mandates End

[embed][/embed] Ten years ago, Aaron Hawkins of StormCloudsGathering was a wildly successful YouTuber, paid lots of money from Google ads for his gripping geopolitical commentary. I featured dozens of his videos on this site,...

Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve is Now a Health Dictatorship

In 2025 officials say the recent surge of new super mutant variants forcing the imposition... The post Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve is Now a Health Dictatorship appeared first on The Unshackled.

UK Vaccine Passports Abandoned? Not Likely, Flip-Flop Imminent

In recent days, we have been hearing reports that the UK Government will scrap ‘Vaccine Passports’. From BBC News just yestrday: Plans to introduce vaccine passports for access into nightclubs and large events in...

TNE 17 Underneath the Mask

Before they wore physical masks during the pandemic our leaders wore metaphorical masks to hide... The post TNE 17 Underneath the Mask appeared first on The Unshackled.

TTT 81 New South World Order

NSW will reopen to the vaccinated only as part of their “New World Order” plan.... The post TTT 81 New South World Order appeared first on The Unshackled.

Action Alert – Act to protect your privacy

The AVN has just discovered that there are plans to use the data from the Australian Immunisation Register to inform State Governments of who is and is not vaccinated for the purposes of bringing...

Fight Like Hell Against Vaccine Passports

Censored By YouTube- Fight Like Hell Against Vaccine Passports – powered by This video was initially censored by YouTube upon publishing. Thousands of protesters take to the streets in the UK demanding an...

Vaccine Passports: One Passport to Rule Them All

There are many vaccine passports either proposed or in effect, but they all have the same goal: to restrict the movement of the unvaccinated, as well as to provide a registry of the vaccinated...