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'NFLPA F*ck*ng Sucks': Players Blast Union, League Over Covid Rules

Deandre Hopkins is not the only player who has publicly questioned the NFL's policy on vaccines. With a handful of teams already in training camp and the rest to soon follow, the wave of...

Boris Govt to Ban Unvaccinated People from Premier League Matches: Report

People in the United Kingdom who have not been "fully vaccinated" are reportedly set to be prohibited from attending Premier League football matches.

Fauci: Bringing Back Mask Mandates Is ‘Under Active Consideration’

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that mask mandates for vaccinated Americans was "under active consideration."

Exclusive Video: 'I Thought We Won the War?' — Thousands Protest Against 'Fascist' Vaccine Passports

Thousands of Britons gathered in London to protest against Prime Minister Boris Johnson plan to mandate vaccine passports for daily life.

PICS: 'Liberty! Liberty!' – 160,000 March Against Vaccine Passes in France

PARIS (AP) - Some 160,000 people, including far-right activists and members of France's yellow vest movement, protested Saturday across the country against a bill requiring everyone to have a special virus pass to enter...

Poll: Majority of Unvaccinated Indicate They Will Not Get the Jab

A majority of Americans who have not yet been vaccinated for the Chinese coronavirus indicate they will likely not get the shot, according to The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey released...

China Boasts 30 World Leaders – Not Xi Jinping – Got Chinese-Made Coronavirus Vaccines

China's Foreign Ministry boasted on Thursday that 30 heads of state around the globe have "openly" received doses of Chinese state-made coronavirus vaccine candidates, notably omitting that China's own leader, Xi Jinping, has yet...

Anti-Vaccine Passport Protesters Storm French Town Hall, Pull Down Macron Portrait

Around 300 anti-vaccine passport protesters stormed the town hall of Chambéry, denouncing French measures to implement a vaccine passport.

BYU Student with Rare Medical Condition Denied Vaccine Exemption

Olivia Sandor has a rare medical condition and is not permitted to start her freshman year this fall at Brigham Young University-Hawaii because the school denied her coronavirus vaccine medical exemption request.

AL Gov. Ivey: 'It’s Time to Start Blaming the Unvaccinated Folks' for COVID Surge – They 'Are Letting Us Down'

Governor Kay Ivey (R-AL) told Birmingham, AL's CBS 42 on Thursday during a press gaggle that it was “time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” for COVID-19 cases rising in her state.

Slavitt: Biden Needs to Require Unvaccinated Workers, Students Test Every Day and Pay for It

Former White House senior COVID-19 adviser Andy Slavitt said Thursday on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" that President Joe Biden needed to get "very aggressive" and advocate that schools, businesses and government agencies require daily...

Ron DeSantis: Coronavirus Vaccines Are 'Saving Lives,' 'Reducing Mortality'

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday the coronavirus vaccines are "saving lives" and "reducing mortality" amid a nationwide push to have Americans get vaccinated, saying if you are vaccinated your chances of becoming seriously...

Saudi Arabia Banning Unvaccinated from Nearly All Public Spaces

Saudia Arabia will ban all citizens and residents unvaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus from entering nearly all public spaces starting August 1, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs announced Tuesday.

Biden: Get Ready for Mask Mandates for School Children Under 12

President Joe Biden warned parents of children under the age of 12 Wednesday that they will be forced to wear masks when they return to school in August.

Report: White House Weighing More Mask Mandates for Vaccinated Americans

President Joe Biden's administration is weighing the idea of more mask mandates for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic — even if they are vaccinated.

Avoid Arrest Avoid The Goon Squads

The Cardinal maxim of semantics and central axiom is: “The map is not the territory; the name is not the thing named”

Biden Administration Completely Kills The “It’s A Private Company So It’s Not Censorship” Argument

Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ In what’s surely the biggest “Imagine the outrage if Trump had done that” moment to date, the Biden administration has admitted that it is giving Facebook...

Graphene meets RNA technology, for cancer vaccines

Double trouble by Jon Rappoport July 13, 2021 (To join our email list, click here.) As soon as Operation Warp Speed was announced, I made it clear that one of the prime goals was:...

Graphene face masks dangerous; and we’re living in a graphene world

by Jon Rappoport July 12, 2021 (To join our email list, click here.) [1]: “Graphene — What Is It? …Graphene is the thinnest compound known to man at one atom thick, the lightest...

Freedom vs. The Machine; geneticists and their weapons

by Jon Rappoport June 24, 2021 (To join our email list, click here.) Genetic determinism: the belief that an individual’s character, thoughts, and actions are the result of his genes. Freedom means: being free...