Scientists Warn Volcanic Eruptions In Antarctica Could Raise ‘Sea Levels’

Some scientists suggest that a volcanic eruption could cause global sea levels to rise.

Net Zero? Japan Plans On Doubling Oil And Gas Production By 2040

Japanese officials have been quietly encouraging new investments in oil-and-gas projects.

Radical Environmentalism Is The Biggest Threat To The Environment

Turns out far-Left environmentalists are the biggest obstacles to preserving the environment.

MSM Admit Madagascar’s Food Crisis Is Not Caused By Climate Change

A new study shows that climate change has had little to do with the current food scarcity in Madagascar.

UK’s Climate Change Committee Wants To Quadruple Gas Heating Tax

The overall effect on the cost of warmth and hot water to households will be severe.

Rising Lithium Prices Risk Pushing EV Dreams Off The Road

With battery costs predicted to soar, vehicle makers now face a defining choice.

Stossel: The Facebook Fact-Blockers Are Just Getting Started

One Facebook fact-checker now plans to expand his censorship powers to other social media.

Lancet Study Shows Cold Far More Deadlier Than Heat—Media Eerily Silent

A new study shows that far more people are being killed by cold weather than by hot.

The Sinister Nature Of Electric Cars: More Expensive, Less Efficient

Once again, Democrats are trying to force people to drive electric cars.

Why Won’t Deplorables Just Buy A $100,000 Tesla?

The Biden administration is a bunch of out-of-touch cocky snots. Exhibit A: Pete Buttigieg.

Trump Calls BoJo’s Build Back Better Green Agenda A ‘Big Mistake’

Trump didn't mince words on Johnson’s BBB agenda to transform the UK using unreliable green energy.

Death By 1,000 Climate Faucis

The government's pandemic power grab should make us more skeptical of climate policy.

Transportation Sec. Mayor Pete: Don’t Like High Gas Prices, Buy An EV

Mayor Pete has no clue that the electricity charging EVs comes from (gasp!) power plants.

Global Warming’s Great Leap Backwards

Rather than learning through rational debate, today’s scientific method relies on silencing critics.

Biden’s Dirty Little Secret: He Wants Higher Gasoline Prices

Biden said he's doing everything possible to bring down prices at the pump. That's a lie.

John Stossel On Facebook’s Bogus Fact-Checkers

Facebook's so-called 'fact-checkers' are fact-BLOCKERS, censoring excellent writers in the process.

POLL: Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Plan ‘Extraordinarily Unpopular’

Of those Americans paying attention, most think BBB will make things worse rather than better.

Study: No Trend In Greenland’s Snowline Migration Or Bare Ice Areas

This is consistent with the flat-to-declining temperature trends for Greenland this century.

Dem Lawmaker On Rising Energy Costs: ‘Buck Stops With The President’

The same lawmaker joyously passed the non-infrastructure bill and Build Back Better. Go figure.

Germany’s Next Government Vows To Create A Super Climate Revolution

Be afraid: Germany’s next coalition government has vowed to usher in a 'climate revolution.'