Sorry WaPo, Claims Of A Climate Change-Induced Health Crisis Are False

The WaPo seems happy that health officials at COP26 think climate change is a health crisis.

Energy Expert Warns Of EU Power Blackouts, ‘Numerous Deaths’

The danger of blackouts in Europe is increasing as unstable green energies are fed into the grid.

Is Jennifer Granholm Even Qualified To Be Our Energy Secretary?

Granholm was in a music video lauding the end of oil. How did the GOP miss that before confirming her?

Tapping The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Will Make Oil Supplies Worse

Events, not high prices, should dictate the use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Biden To Release 50M Barrels Of Oil From Strategic Reserves

China, India, Japan, and other nations will also tap their reserves to drive down gas prices.

Biden’s Blame-Shifting Comes for Big Oil

Vintage Biden: Create a problem. Blame others. Then try to demagogue the issue to avoid accountability.

Why Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Bill Should Be Torn Asunder

With inflation and energy prices soaring, this progressive wish list needs to be shredded.

The Only ‘Logic’ Behind Build Back Better Is Dems’ Desire To Spend

All of it, mind you, is paid for by tax hikes on every American that last a full 10 years.

Forget Glasgow: Biden Quietly Authorizes Largest Oil Lease Sale In US History

Biden auctioned over 80 million acres in the Gulf for oil drilling, despite a campaign promise.

Study: Climate Models Overestimate CO2’s Impact On Temps By Factor Of 5

Climate model calculations of CO2’s impact on global temps are in error by a factor of 5.

Europe Burning More Coal Than Ever As Energy Crisis Deepens

Europe is growing increasingly reliant on coal to keep the lights on as the weather turns cold.

The Simple Arithmetic Of Wind Power

America's 60,000 wind turbines do not contribute meaningfully to the electric grid.

The West’s Ghastly Ongoing Self-Flagellation Over The Climate

Glasgow was as inconsequential as the 25-plus conferences that preceded it.

Sky News Exploits Flooding In Chennai, India, To Push Phony Climate Fears

Intertwining the climate crisis theory into a normal weather event is a tried-and-true media tactic.

When Energy Costs Hit Home, Nobody Will Ditch Fossil Fuels

Voters remain entirely unaware of the costs coming under the Dems' energy-killing agenda.

PM Johnson Quotes Communist Dictator Lenin To Promote Build Back Greener

Johnson quoted the former Soviet ruler to frame his vision for a 'green industrial revolution.'

Mass. Gov. Exits Regional Climate Pact, Cites Infrastructure Package

Gov. Baker has pulled the plug on a regional climate initiative that would have hiked gas prices.

Climate Envoy And Chinese Sympathizer John Kerry Needs To Go

Kerry tries to derail the bipartisan 'Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act' to save toothless climate goals.

Build Back Better And The Coming Onslaught Of ‘Greenflation’

The green-energy pork in Build Back Better will push costs even higher.

Axios Joins Weather Disaster Porn Club Using Debunked Climate Claims

Even the IPCC's latest report refutes the claim that climate change is causing more severe weather.