Jackery 1500 Solar Generator: The PERFECT Generator for Apartment Dwellers and Small Homes

If you live in an apartment or another small space, you may think that having a generator is completely out of the cards for you. I move around a lot and certainly never expected to have one. But the Jackery 1500 Solar Generator is absolutely perfect for small space living. Full Disclosure: I received this generator in return for an honest review. This article is about my actual experience using the Jackery in multiple situations. Why is the Jackery 1500 Solar Generator so good for small spaces? I live in a 600 square foot apartment in the city, and I’m currently working on a guide for small space and urban prepping. This is an addition that takes up very little space in your home or apartment. Here is a photo of mine in the morning. It was charging devices all night and running a lamp for a few hours while I was reading. It will be tucked behind my nightstand and remain plugged in for storage. That’s the other super-cool thing: according to the instructions, you can leave it plugged in all the time. That means when an emergency strikes, it’s charged to 100% and ready to go. The

Quebec Taxing Un-You-Know-What People At Least $100/Month

Quebec has now decided that if you don’t have the jab, you are to be treated like a criminal and fined on a per month basis. It was January 11, 2022, that Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault made this proclamation, stating, “I think right now it’s a question of fairness for the 90% of the population who made some sacrifices. I think we owe them this kind of measure.” Everybody else has sacrificed their future and their children. You must too. You know, for the good of the collective. That’s quite a mindset, is it not? The notion that you and your cronies think you have some semblance of a right to force your will on a group of people you don’t like simply because you don’t like them? And all under the thin veil of “fairness” – because, after all, there’s an underlying theme of morality on your side, right? Aldous Huxley said it best… This is where sadism seeks a harvest of pleasure from the population at large. Quebec’s Legault would go on to say, “We are working on a health contribution for all the adults who are refusing to get vaccinated.” A contribution? Are you serious?

Who Are the Fathers of Survivalism?

As the world grows ever-crazier, and 2020 has finally brought prepping and survivalism into the mainstream, I can’t help but finding myself consistently thinking back over the fathers of survivalism. In many ways, I believe that modern society has these men to thank for what we now know and think today within the world of prepping and survivalism. These men saw the trouble that was being set up for the United States and sought to do what they could to save as many of their fellowman as possible by broadcasting their ideas on what it would take to survive war, financial collapse, and more on American soil. Really, I think (many of) these men were spot on with their analyses, they were just off on the timing. It seems as if now we are seeing the fruition of the dangers these men pointed out so long ago. Inflation is running rampant, grocery store shelves are barren, we are at risk of war from many angles, and tyranny is growing unchecked. And these men knew this was coming. So, just who were these men? Who are the fathers of survivalism? Let’s take a look…. James Wesley Rawles Personally, I consider

How to Maintain the Freedom to Maneuver: MF2M

by Kit Arthur Founder and CEO of Tackleberry Solutions History has shown us that when the economy starts to crash, or you’re country is fighting a losing war or tyranny is running rampant that you’ve got less than 48 hours to relocate to a safer location before you’re trapped. This is especially applicable if you live in or near a city of any noticeable size. Being mobile and MF2M is a huge advantage to you because you’re not leaving behind all of your belongings for the enemy to pillage when you have to bug out. Now, if you’re questioning whether or not this is something that you should really be worrying about, look at Venezuela. Before everything fell apart for them, they were one of the most prosperous countries in the world. You MUST maintain your freedom to maneuver. Maintaining the freedom to maneuver or MF2M; this is the fourth rule of reconnaissance. And it is a time-honored military tactic that means, “don’t allow your enemy to box you in.” Hello, my name is Kit Arthur and I am the founder and CEO of Tackleberry Solutions. We teach wartime tactics to citizens for home and civil defense. I can tell

22 Ways to Boost Food Production in 2022

A new year has been birthed, and as we’ve pointed out in previous articles, there has been a huge influx of preppers over the past two years. With an interest in prepping comes an interest in food, and food production goes hand-in-hand with that. So if we have a garden, big or small, urban or rural, but it’s not producing as much as we’d like, how can we go about changing that? What can we do to boost production in 2022? In a word: lots! Production boosts are divided into four basic categories: efficient use of space, soil amendment, controlled environment technology, and season extension. In this article I’ll discuss ideas in each category. Efficient use of space The very first (and perhaps easiest) means of producing your food production is to make a better use of your space. If you’ve only ever been able to put four zucchini plants in your garden in the past, if we can find a way to put in eight plants, we’ve effectively doubled our zucchini harvest. We’ve become more efficient with our use of space. So, just what are some of our means of boosting our garden efficiency? Let’s take a look… 1.

Why Was Trump’s EO About Federal Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Deleted?

By Jeff Thompson Back in 2018, The Organic Prepper posted a piece on how to make your own Faraday cage – a device to protect sensitive electronics from the … Read the rest The post Why Was Trump’s EO About Federal Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Deleted? appeared first on The Organic Prepper.

NYC Is Arresting Those Without ‘Papers’ – Including Children – and It Won’t Stop There

Well, that didn’t take long. Just two days ago we posted about the door-to-door efforts taking place to convince the “hesitant” within the United Kingdom. Back in July we posted … Read the rest The post NYC Is Arresting Those Without ‘Papers’ – Including Children – and It Won’t Stop There appeared first on The Organic Prepper.

UK Plans to Send Squads Door-to-Door to “Encourage” the “Hesitant”

By Jeff Thompson Door-to-door squads. We’ve seen it all. We’ve witnessed the creation of “camps.” We’ve witnessed the American government hiring internment and resettlement specialists. [source… Read the rest The post UK Plans to Send Squads Door-to-Door to “Encourage” the “Hesitant” appeared first on The Organic Prepper.