In an Empire of Lies, the Only Way to Truth is to be MUGGED BY REALITY — Why America Never Wakes Up to the Truth about Black Thuggery — How the Great Leap Forward Has Parallels with Current America that is under Psychological Maoism

GEORGE FLOYD POLICE INTERACTION – SPLICED DECENT VIDEO I COULD FIND START TO FINISH In a Empire of Lies, only brush with reality will inform people of the truth, especially as lives have become more atomized. In the past, when people were closer to family and kinfolk, they might have heard of first-hand experiences of close ones. Now, many people just know their nuclear family or individual lives, and much of their view of reality comes from mass media controlled by Jews. Of course, social media can spread the raw unfiltered truth — visual evidence of black criminality and other social problems — , but then, that is why Big Tech enforces Censchwarzship and why the Zionic Big Media and Big Academia have gotter ever more shrill and hardline with Political Correctness. In the 70s and 80s, there was the notion of being ‘mugged by reality’. It implied that the US had become a country of lies. After all, if truth was readily available, one wouldn’t need to be mugged-by-reality to know the reality. One would have heard of it even if one didn’t experience it. Consider tigers, grizzly bears, and sharks. Most of us never saw a tiger or

Parallels between China from 1962 to 1966 and US from 2016 to 2020 — What Mao's Cultural Revolution and the Jewish Deep State's Cult Revolution have in common — How the Control of Gods profoundly impacts Politics on the grandest scale — Trump's stardom lost to Jewish divinity

The Derek Chauvin case in Minneapolis is a pawn in a much larger power struggle, and in a way, Chauvin is in trouble because even Donald Trump and white populists have succumbed to the same gods controlled by the Jews. When Jews control the gods and when Jews dole out the money(to all the whores, of which there is never any shortage), the US ‘power-brokers’ are essentially in the hands of Jews. This whole George Floyd thing wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand if it weren’t for the Jewish-run media pushing a certain narrative based on false perception and for the Jewish-run state giving the go-ahead to the entire nation to go full throttle on Negrolatry. Now, blacks being blacks, even had the media been responsible and restrained in their coverage, there would have been riots and the like. But it would have been contained. Now, who gave the go-ahead to turn a local event into a national and then even a global one, what with BLM protests spreading across EU and even in parts of East Asia? It was the deep state that takes orders from Jewish Supremacist Central. And why did Jews do this? To hurt

Notes on Review of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE(dir. Stanley Kubrick based on Anthony Burgess Novel) in Counter-Currents

[embed][/embed] although A Clockwork Orange is often hailed as a classic, I thought it was dumb, distasteful, and highly overrated Dumb, no. Distasteful, yes, but how could it be otherwise given the content. Highly rated by some but denounced by just as many, and the film continues to have detractors who, while acknowledging Kubrick’s mastery, take exception to this treatment. It was as underrated as overrated. They… use a confidence trick (“There’s been a terrible accident. Can I come in and use your phone?”) to invade a couple’s home, whereupon they beat the man, rape his wife, and trash the place. The whole sequence is deeply distasteful. Violent sociopaths like Alex and his friends should simply be killed. But how could it be tasteful, especially when most of the film is from Alex’s subjectivity? Alex is a crazy guy, and the whole film is seen through his predatory eyes. He isn’t a man of taste(by conventional standards) though he does think rather highly of himself as an aesthete who reveres the genius of Beethoven. As he sees it, he’s cut above the rest, a natural leader. He is anti-christ, and his droogs are merely anti-disciples. Also, he sees

Notes on THE WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE by John Ford(as reviewed by Trevor Lynch) — Power of Myth & Narrative — Anglos and Irish in American History and Politics John Ford’s last great film The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) enjoys the status of a classic. I find it a deeply flawed, grating, and often ridiculous film… John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart, both fine actors given the impossible job of playing men in their 20s, even though they were aged 54 and 53 at the time. It just doesn’t work… The film is poorly paced as well, burning through screen time… Shinbone was built on a soundstage. Ford was known for shooting on location because he loved authenticity. But Shinbone’s cleanliness and newness—its clear artificiality—were quite deliberate representations of progress and the end of the frontier. It’s certainly an old man’s movie. It was made at a time when the Western too had grown old and was on the way out, ironically not least due to its great success on the TV screen. When the Western became generic fare in every living room, it lost the silver screen luster, and in a way, THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE seems to be addressing the issue of TV and its impact on the Western. The use of sound-stage over actual locations suggest at this. Not only has

What 21st century America under Jewish Rule has in common with 19th century China under Manchu Rule — On Jews and Queues, and When Will White People cut off their Mental Queues? — How Jewish Globalism uses the White Weakening to strengthen their grip over World Goyim — Jews and 'Spigotry' American Renaissance has done important work, but it is ultimately useless because it pulls its punches or willfully misses what should be the main target: Jewish Supremacist Power. Take Jared Taylor’s commentary of the US military in the video below. It’s pure Pat-Condell. He blames everything but will not name the power behind the mess. Shhhh about the Jews. SEMPER DIVERSITY by Jared Taylor of the American Renaissance At this point, why should Taylor lament that Mexican-American soldiers proudly display the Mexican flag? Why not, when the US flag represents nothing abroad but ‘twerking’, Jewish supremacism, Wars for Israel, mindless animus toward Russia, ridiculous paranoia about China, nonstop hatred toward Iran, complete nonsense about Venezuela, BLM stupidity, and global dissemination of globo-homo ludicrousness? Americanism meant something when Anglo-Americans(and those properly Anglo-Americanized) ruled the nation with pride and confidence. Then, Americanism was based on the Great Compromise: A move toward a more merit-and-rule-based on the part of Anglo-Americans who took the land from the Indians, brought blacks in chains, and encouraged mass-immigration to develop the land. In return, non-Anglos would acknowledge the Anglo-foundation of America and try to be Good Americans. That compromise is no longer relevant because the

How the Game of GO illustrates the Importance of Context as Nothing Exists in a Political Vacuum — Facts are contained within the Context like Chickens are inside the Coop — Modern Jews don't worship God but take pride as the Creators of God

There is something to be learned from the game of Go. It’s about routing and counter-routing, surrounding & sieging and counter-surrounding & counter-sieging. Your position on the board, advantageous or disadvantageous, is relative to who has the edge in surrounding whom and/or whose space has been made siege-proof. So, it doesn’t matter how much area your pieces occupy if they’re surrounded by your opponent’s pieces that rob them of ‘liberties’. It’s like it doesn’t matter how many men you command and the space they occupy IF they’re surrounded by the enemy who have built walls or fences to cut them off; they’ve essentially been reduced to captives, like German soldiers under siege in Stalingrad — they were 200,000 men-strong but surrendered to the Soviets because they were deprived of reinforcements and supplies from the main force outside. When your forces have been routed, surrounded, and sieged, whatever freedom they have is confined to the space enclosed by the enemy. At best, it is freedom within the larger unfreedom dictated by the enemy. As the survival and well-being of your men now totally depend on those who control the supply routes, the ins-and-outs of your enclosed domain, you must accede to

Western Superiority was not the product of White Supremacism — Attitude vs Aptitude — The Connection between White Possession of Traits and White Properties of Power

Too often in the permitted(or imposed) discourse, white superiority and white supremacy(or white supremacism) are confused as interchangeable or as if superiority is the cause-and-effect of supremacy. In truth, one(superiority) is a condition, the other(supremacism) a contention. Many PC folks argue that the West, Europe and America, gained world hegemony and domination over other races due to the ideology of white supremacism than through the industry of white superiority. Now, supremacy and superiority are partly interlinked. It’s natural for a people who gain superiority to believe they are somehow innately better than others and have a right(and/or a responsibility) to rule over them. This rule could be ruthless and exploitative or conscientious and constructive — the Others’ burden or the burden for Others — , but in either case, it means dominion of one group over another. While superiority all-too-often leads to feelings of supremacy, supremacism per se hardly guarantees superiority or domination. If anything, supremacist attitudes can lead to dissipation and downfall, as with the story of the hare that slacks off in the race with the tortoise. Or, exaggerated displays of supremacism could actually be therapeutic compensations for those plagued with inferiority-complex. (Mussolini’s Italian He-Man huff-and-puff was

Notes on Review of DIRTY HARRY(Clint Eastwood & Don Siegel) in Counter-Currents Publishing

[embed][/embed] DIRTY HARRY reviewed by Trevor Lynch: Dirty Harry (1971), directed by Don Siegel and starring Clint Eastwood as San Francisco Police Inspector Harry Callahan, is a classic of Right-wing cinema. It has some right-wing tropes but ultimately cops out and settles for a conventional scenario and ending. This is true of SUDDEN IMPACT as well. Early in the picture, Callahan takes out a bunch of feral black criminals who try to kidnap a white woman for gang-bang rape, but then the rest of the movie is about a white woman taking revenge on white men as rapists. So, the black rapist angle merely serves to foreshadow the rest of the story which is about revenge against White Male rapists. (Of course, those into subtext could argue that those white rapists are actually stand-ins for black rapists in an ‘anti-racist’ cultural climate that simply wouldn’t allow a black-rapist story.) So, DIRTY HARRY movies tease us with white right-wing sentiments but ultimately opts for what is permissible. None of the Dirty Harry movies had the balls to go where THE BIRTH OF A NATION did. Along with THE FRENCH CONNECTION and DEATH WISH, it appealed to Liberals

Why the Holocaust Narrative must be turned on Its Head — Instead of the World Apologizing to Jews for Not Having Done Enough to Prevent the Evils of Nazism, Jews Need to Apologize to the World for Having Aroused Radical Teutonism that Not Only Killed Millions of Jews but Tens of Millions of Goyim

An essential necessity for the future well-being of mankind: The Holocaust Narrative must be turned on its head. It is most necessary because the biggest threat to world peace and justice is unrestrained Jewish Power that is now just as supremacist as Nazism was, if not more so. Like the Nazis who thought any number of Slavs and lesser folks were worth sacrificing for the creation of Greater Germany, powerful Jews feel any number of Arabs/Muslims and goyim in general may be sacrificed on the altar of “Is it GREAT for Jews?” (Apparently, “Is it GOOD for Jews?” is no longer good enough.) Of course, Nazism was overtly supremacist whereas Jewish Power is covertly supremacist, but if we appraise Jewish Power by its walk than its talk, it is undeniably in supremacist mode. After all, it’s actions that count, not words. If someone says he would never steal but steals, he’s a thief. If someone says he didn’t commit murder but did, he is a murderer. We need to bypass the ‘sayology’ and take a good hard look at the ‘do-ology’ of Jewish Power. Never mind what Jews say. Judge them by what they do. Given the events of the

Notes on FANNY AND ALEXANDER by Ingmar Bergman as Reviewed by Trevor Lynch FANNY AND ALEXANDER is clearly an impressive work but maybe Too impressive. It’s never a good thing when an artist celebrates himself or attempts to sum up his career with a grand finale, an all-too-self-conscious magnum opus. It can pan out on occasion. Akira Kurosawa made RAN in this vein, and despite problems it works because it was done with broad brushstrokes. It has ‘epic’ written all over it. In contrast, a work like FANNY AND ALEXANDER depends on detail and intimacy(and is very good with those), the poetics of the private moment, but both are rendered secondary by overriding tone of officiality and pageantry. (In WILD STRAWBERRIES, the old man treks to a ceremony in his honor. In FANNY AND ALEXANDER, Bergman, not quite so old, bestows the honor unto himself. It’s as if he crafted a trophy or baked a cake for his own self-aggrandizement.) It’s like one of those Lifetime Award Ceremonies, one in which Bergman both fulsomely toasts and gently roasts himself. As a result, the private elements are rendered into public display, and the genuine article of the work is compromised. It’s like whispers through a megaphone. Also, Ingmar Bergman, around 65(official retiring

Notes on THE ARGUMENTS AGAINST 'RACE' by Edward Dutton — Species Cannot Exist without Race — Globalism pushed Ideology of Equality but Idolatry of Black Supremacy — Jewish Perfidy in the Discourse on Race –Is “race” an outmoded, morally dubious idea that was deservedly cast into the dustbin of history, along with Stalinism, astrology, and blood-letting? Many say so.– A hysterical(and tiresome) argument used by the Thought Police so many times. Of course, the problem with such line of argument is everything has a dark side. After all, capitalism did much harm as well as good. Nuclear science led to wonders but also destruction of cities. Socialism can mean anything from radical communism of the Khmer Rouge to the welfare state(a fact of life in all modern societies). So, if critics of race argue that racial ideas may lead to great harm, most of us would concur. But this is true of anything. Without fire, there is no civilization. But fire has also burned down entire cities. Same with water. Without rain we are dead, but floods are dangerous. So, we need to be cautious with ideas. The problem isn’t so much the concept of race per se as the radicalization of racial science into hardline ideology, as with National Socialism. (Indeed, if Adolf Hitler and his followers were more like Benito Mussolini, who was less into racial ideology than the

The Unreality of Leftism — Leftist Underpinning of Western Progress — Goyim as NPC's in the Jewish Dream — Jewish Way vs the Greek Way — Surreal 'Logic' of the Current Dream

EXISTENZ by David Cronenberg Traditional Left Ideology sets out a vision of how the world ‘ought to be.’ …if the Left focuses on ‘what could be,’ the Right focuses on ‘what is.’ If the Left operates where people ‘could be,’ the Right operates where people ‘are’ or at least, where they believe themselves to be. The Right does not aim to change human social reality but rather to celebrate, and to even maximize it. There’s some truth to this but not quite. There’s always been a Rousseau-ean aspect to the Left. As an Mexican elder says in THE WILD BUNCH, “We all dream of being a child again, even the worst of us…” But the Left also developed as a movement of reality check. The modern left originated with the intention of waking history out of its slumber. The masses were trapped in the dream of the Divine Right of Kings, God & Heaven, and virtue of meekness. But in fact, kings and noblemen were merely human like everyone else. They weren’t special or innately superior despite all the pomp and posturing. And was there proof of God & Heaven? Should the clergy have power and influence when their

Notes on Pat Buchanan's WHO OWNS THE FUTURE? DEMS OR GOP? Demo-Psychology(or Democology) is just as Important as 'Demography is Destiny' — Jewish use of Covid Hysteria to unseat Donald Trump — Right's Aversion to Critique & Creativity in its failure in the Culture War — Cult of Identity is worse than Cult of Personality Pat Buchanan still writes as if he’s part of the Establishment when the likes of him have been purged ages ago into irrelevancy(which is unfortunate). Buchanan’s faith, Catholicism, is going globo-homo with the Poop-Pope. Whether Washington D.C. or the Vatican, most of the ‘Western’ World seems to be bending over to Jewish Power, of which Homo-mania is a proxy. Though he carried burdens unrivaled by a president since Herbert Hoover — a plague that has killed 230,000 Americans in eight months and crashed the economy to depths not seen since the ’30s – Donald J. Trump amassed 72 million votes, the largest total in Republican Party history. When the Establishment was running the bogus Russian Collusion Story, Buchanan entertained the notion that it might be true. It was complete bunk. And now, he’s parroting numbers of a ‘plague’ that killed how many? 230,000! ROTFL. Covid-19 hysteria is nonsense. There would have been no lockdowns if Obama or Hillary were president. This was a calculated move against the Trump economy and the rise of national populism spilling out into the streets. And Jewish Power is demented enough to go to such lengths to get what it wants. (Remember Madeleine

Difference between Russian Revolution and Western 'Wokeness' — Dionysian Capitalism — America as Experimentation than Civilization — Imperial Individualism & Tri-Supremacism — Communism as Neo-Protestantism — Jewish Control over Northern European Types Far from feeling hostility, for many years (at least since the early sixties) Russians considered the US a model to follow. Nikita Khrushchev, the powerful ruler (1953-1964) who ditched Stalin and removed his remains from the Mausoleum on the Red Square, was fascinated with the US. He imported US corn (maize) and considered this American staple the key to Soviet prosperity. Those were the days Russia discovered jazz. Surely, the Soviet elites and Soviet youths were fascinated with different features of Americanism. Leaders and managers were impressed with American industry, enterprise, and engineering. The youths were into American popular culture. But even in the US, there was a division as well as a connection between industry and leisure. Industry had roots in Protestant Work Ethic, self-restraint, discipline, organization, moderation, and delaying gratification. In contrast, especially with the rise of youth culture in the Rock n Roll Fifties, the new expression among the young was “Let’s Live for Today”, a variation of the Negro “Let the Good Times Roll”. The American Sixties mocked the ‘conformist’ Fifties. Hippies gave the middle finger to the military-industrial complex, good ole patriotism, and the traditional family. And blacks rose up and burned

White Awe of Black Prowess nullifies White Awareness of Black Criminality — White Awe of Jewish Riches nullifies White Awareness of Jewish Perfidy — The Low Crimes of Blacks and High Crimes of Jews collaborate against White People and American Nationalism by Steve Sailer Would a Biden administration make it harder for citizens to access data on crimes committed by blacks versus whites? …Back during the Bush administration, the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics posted homicide count graphs online in convenient HTML format… Under the Obama administration… that was deep-sixed and only the much more awkward PDF format remained. PDFs… are pretty useless for informing the general public. Does it matter? Everyone, truly EVERYONE, knows that blacks commit the most crime. Even those who chant BLM slogans know deep down inside that blacks are the top criminals — how can blacks in da Hood not know this as they’re killed by other blacks and call the cops on other blacks? Gentrification is predicated on ‘blacks are dangerous and must be migrated elsewhere.’ The data may be suppressed and it may be taboo in respectable(or even in general) circles to discuss the Black Problem, but black crime has been a well-known fact since the 1960s(and prior). The real problem is contextualization, the narrative, and the idol-factor. US and Allies committed lots of war crimes in World War II, but they’re generally overlooked within the contextual narrative of the Good War.

Can Russia Survive the Neo-Barbarian Onslaught of the West under the control of Satanic Jewish Supremacism? What must Russia do to revive the culture and push back against Globo-Homo lunacy? — Notes on Anatoly Karlin's argument for Russian counter-censorship against Jewish-Western-Media It’s a question of Big Idea vs Little Ideas. Big Idea subsumes little ideas. Big ‘Truth’ redeems small lies.Also, of the Big Conviction and Small Criticism. Nothing is perfect and can be criticized. During the Cold War, there were plenty of faults with both US and USSR. One could pile up countless things wrong with the US, the West, capitalism, and liberal democracy. Same with the Soviet Union. And yet, some Big Ideas and Big Systems, despite all the problems and imperfections, are better than other Big Ideas. Take Freedom vs Slavery for example. One can find much that is wrong with freedom and find some advantages to slavery. So, when it comes to nitpicking, one can find bad things about freedom and good things about slavery. But as Big Ideas go, most people prefer Freedom to Slavery. Communism, as a big idea, argued that capitalism is just a form of exploitation and doomed to failure. It argued the state must control everything to prevent one bunch of people from gaining all the wealth and power to exploit the rest. Capitalist liberal democracies argued that capitalism can reform, the democratic process allows for checks/balances, and only a market

The Most Definitive List of the BEST FILMS …so far

There is no paucity of ‘Best Movies’ lists, and most would agree there is no need for another one. However, I offer the following list as a corrective if not definitive list of essential cinema. Most ‘best’ lists are marred by the number of critics and ‘experts’ polled, ranging from intelligent and erudite to shallow and trashy. Granted, the advantage of numbers is the leveling effect that tends to filter out the oddities and eccentricities of taste, often of a questionable nature. Poll enough people, and CITIZEN KANE will come out way on top over DEEP THROAT, which is actually on one of the personal lists in the Sight & Sight BFI poll. But then, the power of consensus tends toward a certain conventionality, which is why the Beatles album SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND became the designated ‘greatest album of all time’. Furthermore, as most polls require each critic or expert to list just ten titles, they further skew the list towards the most emblematic works. The reason why CITIZEN KANE and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY rank so much higher than the equally impressive MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS and BARRY LYNDON is many people would rather list just one title

The Radical and Conservative Spirit of Communism — Illusion of Western Liberalism & Problem of Self-Degradation — Historical Communism vs Current Western Compulsory Degeneracy called 'Progressivism' “…a key paradox of Communism is that it retards progress. Under it, China smelled Taiwan’s and Singapore’s exhaust. North Korea is decades behind South Korea. Guided by Pol Pot, Cambodians marched into the Stone Age… State monopolies stunt collective and individual growth. How can they not? Worse, government tyranny degrades individuals, when not killing them, by the millions. Still, Communism seduces, because it’s ‘progressive’.” Communism is both radical and conservative in spirit, hardly surprising as it’s a deeply moralistic ideology that developed in reaction to the revolutionary upheavals of capitalism. Remember that Karl Marx himself recognized capitalism as the most transformative system developed by mankind. It was most extreme and ‘radical’ in changing all forms of human relations and interactions. It destroyed entire communities and created new ones. It changed the way people thought and felt about values and their place in the world. Such breakneck pace led to much that was useful and good but also much that was alienating and soulless. Marx recognized that capitalism’s power was such that the genie could not be put back in the bottle. There was no going back. All that communists could do was wait for contradictions of

Notes on An Essay on “Jewish Themes in THE GRADUATE(1967, dir. Mike Nichols)” by Brenton Sanderson Jewish Angle in THE GRADUATE has been much discussed. But whatever its implications and meanings, there’s no denying the brilliance with which Mike Nichols made the movie, something that eluded him in later works… though CATCH-22 has its moments and CARNAL KNOWLEDGE is pretty compelling as an arty take on the Sexual Revolution. So, the talent has to be discussed in relation to the film’s impact. THE GRADUATE would likely have failed with critics and audience in lesser hands, whatever its message. It’s like almost no one talks about GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER or just about anything by Stanley Kramer. Though Nichols ultimately didn’t turn out to be a great director, he made one great movie, THE GRADUATE, much like Ridley Scott surpassed his limitations one time with BLADE RUNNER. Likewise, other key works by Jewish directors of the period must be considered(even in criticism) with an appreciation of their power as artists, wits, dramatists, expressionists. Even if there is a Jewish angle to THE GRADUATE and other works by Jewish artists, there is much more than mere ethnic propaganda. Stanley Kubrick made 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Roman Polanski made ROSEMARY’S BABY. Stuart Rosenberg made COOL HAND

Notes on Trevor Lynch's Review of HIGH AND LOW directed by Akira Kurosawa

[embedded content] For the review, click the following link: High and Low is a portrait of a virtuous industrialist who is targeted for destruction by a nihilistic criminal who hails from the professional rather than the working class and is motivated not by need but by envy and pure malice. I wouldn’t go so farContinue reading “Notes on Trevor Lynch's Review of HIGH AND LOW directed by Akira Kurosawa”