Taibbi: Vaccine Aristocrats Strike Again

Taibbi: Vaccine Aristocrats Strike Again Authored by Matt Taibbi via TK News, Jimmy Kimmel Live, fast becoming Leonid Brezhnev’s never-realized dream of a Soviet Tonight Show, just put out a high-effort gag called “Anti-Vax Barbie.” It’s impressively on-message: Introducing Anti-Vax Barbie! pic.twitter.com/sf6NJ4qtF2 — Jimmy Kimmel Live (@JimmyKimmelLive) January 11, 2022 The skit begins with jazzy VO: “There’s a new doll in town and the fun is contagious. It’s Anti-Vax Barbie! She’s STRONG. She’s INDEPENDENT. She doesn’t trust SCIENCE!” In a shirt reading, I CALL MY OWN SHOTS, Barbie drawls, “Bill Gates is the Antichrist!” The doll even “comes with a computer so she can do her own research!” (We see Barbie typing and twanging, “Sez here Moderna turns yer teeth Jewish!”). When you take Anti-Vax Barbie shopping, she attacks the cashier who demands she wear a mask, while another Barbie in a shirt reading PFIZER TELLS LIEZERS films the besieged worker and yells, “I’m reporting you, bitch, you’re going to jail!” You can also take Barbie “to the stables,” where she’ll chug ivermectin! Moreover, the only “man-date” this Barbie cares about is “with

“We're Breaking Her, Keep Going”: ACLU Strategist Issues Chilling Tweet Against Sinema

“We’re Breaking Her, Keep Going”: ACLU Strategist Issues Chilling Tweet Against Sinema Authored by Jonathan Turley, While President Joe Biden has portrayed anyone supporting the filibuster as a virtual confederate sympathizer and Bull Conner wannabe, the attacks did not sway senators like Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz. who defiantly went to the floor to deliver a speech calling for the end of the politics of division. She, and her colleague Sen. Joe Machin, D-W.V., stood firm in support of the filibuster. The response from the commentators on the left was pure unadulterated rage. Many like MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell cruelly mocked her from appearing emotional. However, one of most chilling attack came from a reported staff member at the ACLU, Sarah Michelsen, who encouraged people to keep up the pressure to “break” Sinema. The senator has been continually harassed by activists, who even followed her into a bathroom to berate her. Michelsen, a former state director for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, is a “senior strategist” at the ACLU. Like many, Michelsen seemed thrilled that Sinema seemed emotional in her speech and encouraged activists to “keep going” with the attacks because they are

What's Going On With Nancy Pelosi's Son?

What’s Going On With Nancy Pelosi’s Son? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., has been called out by the Daily Mail over his close ties to “a host of fraudsters, rule-breakers and convicted criminals,” yet has never been charged himself. Paul Pelosi Jr. (left), and his former cousin-by-marriage California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), 2009 Once dubbed the ‘rising prince’ of the Pelosi political dynasty by the now-defunct Men’s Vogue, Pelosi Jr. had “years-long repeated business dealings” with unsavory characters, in what may have been efforts to curry favor with the Democrat’s powerful family. Via the Daily Mail, Pelosi Jr.’s links to alleged lawbreakers include: The 52-year-old joined the board of a biofuel company after it defrauded investors according to an SEC ruling, and whose CEO was convicted after bribing Georgia officials  Pelosi Jr. was president of an environmental investment firm that turned out to be a front for two convicted fraudsters  He joined a lithium mining company and received millions of shares, allegedly issued as part of a massive $164 million fraud  He was vice president of a company previously embroiled in an investigation of scam calls that targeted senior citizens  He has close

Daily Briefing: Opportunity in Uncertainty: Where Raoul Pal's Looking as Inflation Weighs on Consumers

Daily Briefing: Opportunity in Uncertainty: Where Raoul Pal’s Looking as Inflation Weighs on Consumers U.S. retail sales fell in December as surging prices hit consumer spending. Raoul Pal discusses what opportunities are available for investors in an environment of rising inflation and why he is looking at the carbon trade. He also provides his view on Bitcoin, Ethereum and how to understand the macro environment. You don’t want to miss Raoul’s take on how we should be thinking amid the uncertainty. Interviewed by Maggie Lake. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange: https://rvtv.io/3I2PBgs Tyler Durden Fri, 01/14/2022 – 14:27

One Bank Predicts $3 Trillion In Quantitative Tightening Coming

One Bank Predicts $3 Trillion In Quantitative Tightening Coming Wall Street has officially jumped the shark: with the economy set to slow this year – even as supply-driven inflation refuses to relent – consensus now expects 3-4 rate hikes this year (with Jamie Dimon predicting as many as “6 or 7”) – some are going so far as to predict how much shrinkage the Fed’s balance sheet will see in the coming years once it begins any time between March and June. Enter Deutsche Bank, which forecasts that once QT begins, the Fed’s balance sheet will shrink from $9 trillion currently to $6 trillion. As DB’s Jim Reid notes overnight, citing the bank’s economist Matt Luzzetti and rate strategist Steven Zeng, project that the Fed balance sheet would peak just under $9tn after QE completes in March, before falling back to eventually approach 20% of GDP from over 35% today, and around a third smaller than this peak, at which point it will be around $6 trillion. That, according to Kostin, is a level more consistent with the pre-covid experience and a potential target highlighted by Governor Waller. Under this projection, the balance sheet would reduce by $560bn this

Commodities' King Sees “Structural Supply-Side Commodity Inflation” Sending Oil To $200

Commodities’ King Sees “Structural Supply-Side Commodity Inflation” Sending Oil To $200 As Omicron anxiety fades (and even morphs into talk of the end of the pandemic phase of COVID), oil demand fears have faded and crude prices have ripped back higher, erasing any losses enabled by Biden’s SPR Release headlines also… And pushing WTI back up to its highest levels since 2014… So where does oil go next? Oil to $100 Easy, Putin thinks so! It is “quite possible” that the WTI Crude oil prices reach $100 per barrel in light of growing global demand for energy commodities, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on a CNBC panel at the Russian Energy Week in October. Asked by CNBC’s Hadley Gamble whether the US benchmark could hit $100 a barrel, Putin replied “That is quite possible.” Additionally, Trafigura, one of the world’s largest independent oil traders, affirmed Putin’s thinking, noting that recovering global oil demand could send

Greenwald: Senate Democrats Use The Jim Crow Filibuster To Protect The Kremlin

Greenwald: Senate Democrats Use The Jim Crow Filibuster To Protect The Kremlin Authored by Glenn Greenwald via greenwald.substack.com, Speaking at the funeral of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) in May, 2020, former President Barack Obama called for the elimination of the Senate filibuster, which he maligned as “another Jim Crow relic.” During his four years in the Senate, Obama himself used that Jim Crow relic on two dozen occasions to block the Republican majority from bringing various bills to a floor vote. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris speak to the American people about constitutional voting rights in Atlanta, GA, on January, 11, 2022 United States. (Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) In 2005, Obama’s second year in the Senate, Republicans — furious that Senate Democrats were using the filibuster to block President Bush’s judicial appointments — proposed the “nuclear option” to eliminate the 60-vote requirement for judicial appointments. In response, the junior Senator from Illinois took to the floor of the Senate and delivered one of his trademarked impassioned speeches in defense of this Jim Crow relic, railing against the unfairness of “one party, be it Republican or Democrat … chang[ing] the

Is Geopolitics The Big Market Risk We're Missing?

Is Geopolitics The Big Market Risk We’re Missing? Authored by Bill Blain via MorningPorridge.com, “Address all your skill and the valour of my soldiers to exterminate the treacherous English and walk all over General French’s contemptible little army…” Markets are up and down, and the noise is focused on Covid, Central Banks, Inflation and Tech stocks. But… perhaps the big risks lie elsewhere. Where are Geopolitics headed? Faceoffs in Ukraine and Taiwan have the potential to completely derail markets. Looking at bond and stock prices there is a rising sense markets might finally have peaked. Some of the conviction underlying strength, the likely support of central banks, and the buy-the-dip games of last year, feel like it’s evaporated. There are plenty of opinions and concerns about the inflation/stagflation threat, worries about globalisation and what the pandemic might or might not still do to us. It’s easy to figure why markets are nervous today, but they might just as well be ecstatic tomorrow if these fears and tensions subside – which will likely prove the case when Covid is beaten! As always, I take the

GOP Senator Demands DoD Investigate Leaked DARPA Bombshell Over Covid-19 Origins

GOP Senator Demands DoD Investigate Leaked DARPA Bombshell Over Covid-19 Origins Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has requested any findings from a Department of Defense investigation into the origins of Covid-19, following the recent publication of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) report obtained by Project Veritas. According to the leaked report written by a Marine, EcoHealth Alliance sought a contract to use controversial gain-of-function genetic manipulation techniques to study bat coronaviruses. While the proposal was rejected by DARPA, it was subsequently picked up by Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, which funneled money to EcoHealth via a sub-grant. Fauci has repeatedly claimed NIAID did not fund gain-of-function research into bat coronaviruses. “It is apparent that Dr. Fauci has not been forthright with the American people regarding his involvement in funding dangerous research,” Sen. Johnson told the Daily Caller. Help me to understand @DARPA. What am I looking at at 4:23 about Ivermectin? I don’t have the context.https://t.co/hgiP4fAzsC Can you Authenticate? May I see this whole report? Thank you. pic.twitter.com/G4nGoOScqp — Eric Weinstein (@EricRWeinstein) January 11, 2022 “According to the

Watch: MSNBC's Reid Again Calls For Denying Medical Care To The Unvaxx'd

Watch: MSNBC’s Reid Again Calls For Denying Medical Care To The Unvaxx’d Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, MSNBC hack Joy Reid took a break from race baiting Thursday night to once again call for any one who remains unvaccinated to be denied medical care and for them to be made into an underclass. Along with MSNBC medical contributor and apparent Dr Fauci fangirl Dr. Lipi Roy, Reid first attacked Senator Rand Paul for again daring to question Anthony Fauci. The pair accused Paul of displaying “insane, atrocious vitriol,” and suggested that the Senator, who is a qualified physician, is not really doctor, reasoning that “he does not exude any of the qualities that doctors and nurses possess, empathy, compassion, and a penchant for science and data to drive health care policies.” Reid claimed that Paul “create[d] his own accreditation” and “didn’t get it from, like, a regular place,” so “I wouldn’t let him operate on me if I was desperate.” Roy asserted that Paul’s attempted takedowns of Fauci have prompted “people like me and my fellow health care professionals double down on what we are doing.” The pair then discussed

Massive Hack Of Ukrainian Government Sites Believed Part Of Russian “Sabotage Operations”

Massive Hack Of Ukrainian Government Sites Believed Part Of Russian “Sabotage Operations” Things have again escalated in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine-NATO standoff, with Kiev authorities and The Washington Post reporting Friday that hackers have launched a massive cyber-attack on Ukrainian government websites. Anyone logging into the sites were given a warning with the words “expect the worst”.  Authorities identified “more than five” government sites targeted in the hack by unknown entities. But later a formal statement by deputy head of Ukraine’s state agency of special communication and information protection, Viktor Zhora, described that in total “close to 70” federal and local Ukrainian agencies saw their websites breached in recent weeks. Despite an ongoing investigation to uncover the identity of the hackers, naturally WaPo and national security pundits have quickly pointed the finger at Russia. Via Reuters “Just hours before the attacks, Dmitri Alperovitch, an expert on cybersecurity and co-founder of CrowdStrike, a leading firm in the field, told a Washington Post Live discussion that Ukraine had already been subjected to increased cyberattacks, which he said could be a prelude to an invasion.” Further according details in the Washington Post: On Friday morning, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry and

Treasury Yields Spike After Jamie Dimon Forecasts “Six Or Seven” Rate Hikes In 2022

Treasury Yields Spike After Jamie Dimon Forecasts “Six Or Seven” Rate Hikes In 2022 Despite suffering the worst post-earnings stock price drop in a decade, Jamie Dimon – whose bank is suddenly facing major compensation and cost pressures – was in good enough spirits to regale participants in his earnings call with some more of his predictive prowess, the same “forecasting ability” which 4 years ago prompted him to predict that bitcoin is worthless and now JPM has a dedicated crypto desk. According to Dimon, the Federal Reserve might raise its benchmark interest rate as many as “six or seven times” to fight rising inflation, oblivious of the fact that the US economy is already clearly slowing and six or seven rate hikes coupled with balance sheet runoff would push the US economy into recession (and likely trigger a crash as Kyle Bass said yesterday), especially once economists realize that without Biden’s BBB, the fiscal cliff is about to grow into a mountain. Today’s retail sales number points to near-flat readings for Q4 real consumer spending and the hand-off to the first quarter. The GDP contraction is starting. Good luck, Jay! #Economy #GDP #DavidRosenberg — David Rosenberg (@EconguyRosie) January

Pento Warns The Fiscal & Monetary Cliffs Have Arrived

Pento Warns The Fiscal & Monetary Cliffs Have Arrived Authored by Michael Pento via PentoPort.com, According to Doug Ramsey of the Leuthold Group, 334 companies trading on the New York Stock Exchange recently hit a 52-week low, more than double the amount that marked new one-year highs. That’s happened only three other times in history — all of them occurring in December 1999. How did we get back to the precipice of the year 2000, where tech stocks plunged 80% and the S&P 500 lost 50% of its value over the ensuing two years? Well, start off with the fact that the amount of new money created by our central bank in the past 14 years is $8 trillion. That, by the way, is an increase in base money supply only and does not include all of the new money created by our debt-based monetary system. So, from 1913 to 2008, the Fed created $800 billion. And, it took from 2008 until today—just 14 years–for it to have created $8.8 trillion in base money supply. Is there really any wonder why inflation has now

Rio To Allocate 1% Of Treasury Reserves To Crypto

Rio To Allocate 1% Of Treasury Reserves To Crypto After several days of steep declines, finally some good news for cryptocurrencies. According to a report in Globo, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, said Thursday he plans to allocate 1% of Brazil’s second-most populous city’s treasury reserves to cryptocurrencies, as part of his plan to turn the city into a cryptocurrency hub. “We are going to launch Crypto Rio and invest 1% of the treasury in cryptocurrency. The government has a role to play,” Paes reportedly said, adding that the state is also planning to introduce tax exemptions for the industry. The panel also included major Brazilian officials like city finance secretary Pedro Paulo, who noted that the administration is considering a 10% discount on property tax in Brazil on payments with Bitcoin. “Let’s study the legal framework to do this,” he said “You take the single quota discount of 7%, it would make 10% if you pay in bitcoin,” Paulo said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez also spoke at the event, and discussed the challenges in transforming cities into technological hubs. In February, Saurez announced plans to place a portion of Miami’s treasury in bitcoin. According to CoinTelegraph,

“Drumbeat Of War Sounding Loud” US Says After Russia Declares Talks At “Dead End”

“Drumbeat Of War Sounding Loud” US Says After Russia Declares Talks At “Dead End” A top US security official in Europe has warned the “drumbeat of war is sounding loud” amid this week’s series of NATO and Russian talks, also as Washington and Brussels continue to condemn Russia’s troop build-up near Ukraine.  “We’re facing a crisis in European security. The drumbeat of war is sounding loud, and the rhetoric has gotten rather shrill,”  US ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Michael Carpenter said Thursday.  Source: Associated Press “If the Russians walk away from these talks, it’ll be clear that they were never serious about diplomacy in the first place,” he added. However, the Russian side was miffed when at the very start of talks Monday in Geneva (and subsequent talks in Brussels and Vienna), the US declared its core demand of no more NATO eastward expansion to be a “non-starter” in the talks. The US side is still standing by this, also recently accusing Moscow of using its troop placement near Ukraine – said to be up to 100,000 – in order to present “ultimatums” to the West. Further, Carpenter presented the US side as

BlackRock's Assets Top $10 Trillion On Biggest Quarterly Inflow Since 2015

BlackRock’s Assets Top $10 Trillion On Biggest Quarterly Inflow Since 2015 BlackRock burnished its reputation as the world’s largest asset manager on Friday when it revealed in its Q4 earnings reports that its assets under management had finally topped $10 trillion, marking a new world record for a publicly-traded asset manager. Surging equity valuations helped propel BR’s AUM to the $10 trillion mark, as did a net inflow of $104 billion into its ETFs during the three months of the quarter. That’s the biggest quarterly inflow since 2015, according to Bloomberg data. The investing giant beat the Street’s expectations for top-line growth by a substantial margin: Q4 net income increased to $1.64 billion or $10.63/share from $1.55 billion or $10.02/share from the year-ago quarter. On average, analysts polled by Reuters expected the company to report earnings of $10.15/share on revenues to $5.17 billion for the quarter. Excluding one-time items, adjusted net income for Q4 was $1.61 billion or $10.42/share, compared to $1.57 billion or $10.18/share in the prior-year quarter. Meanwhile, total revenue for the quarter increased 14% to $5.11 billion from $4.48 billion

Yachts To Be Exempt From EU's Carbon Pricing Plan

Yachts To Be Exempt From EU’s Carbon Pricing Plan If there is anyone still confused why ESG, and the entire “green” movement is one giant, boiling cauldron of lies, hypocrisy and fraud, read on. Last summer, we reported that the European Commission – that murder of career bureaucrats – has proposed exempting private jets, the one most polluting form of transportation, from the planned EU jet fuel tax. A draft indicated that the tax would be phased-in for passenger flights, including ones that carry cargo. Private jets will enjoy an exemption through classification of “business aviation” as the use of aircraft by firms for carriage of passengers or goods as an “aid to the conduct of their business”, if generally considered not for public hire. It gets better: a further exemption is given for “pleasure” flights whereby an aircraft is used for “personal or recreational” purposes not associated with a business or professional use. This is odd because a recent report found that private-jet CO2 emissions in Europe rose by 31% between 2005 and 2019, with flights to popular destinations up markedly during summer holiday seasons. So if Europe was truly concerned about curbing CO2 emissions it would ostensibly go

All Aboard The Inflation Freight-Train, Schiff Says Fed Doing “Too Little, Too Late”

All Aboard The Inflation Freight-Train, Schiff Says Fed Doing “Too Little, Too Late” Via SchiffGold.com, December Consumer Price Index data came out on Wednesday (Jan. 12). Month-on-month, it was again even hotter than expected. Peter called it an inflationary freight train that the Fed’s “field of dreams” monetary policy will not stop. “Transitory” inflation has now been running hot for a full year. The year-on-year CPI was 7%. It was the biggest annual CPI increase since 1982. Month-on-month, the CPI spiked another 0.5%. This was hotter than the consensus 0.4% projection. Core CPI (stripping out food and energy — as if you don’t have to eat or put gas in your car) was up 5.5%. Goods prices were up a staggering 10.7% That was the biggest 1-year increase since 1975. Keep in mind, this is using the cooked government CPI formula that understates inflation. If the government was still using the formula that it used in 1982, inflation would be higher in 2021 than it was then. In fact, we’d have the highest level of inflation in history. According to ShadowStats, it would be just over 15%. Based on the methodology the government uses to calculate housing prices (owners’ equivalent rent), housing prices

US Industrial Production Unexpectedly Contracts In December

US Industrial Production Unexpectedly Contracts In December US Industrial Production was expected to slow its re-acceleration in December with a 0.2% MoM increase versus November’s 0.5% MoM rise, but things were notably worse with Industrial Production contracting by 0.1% MoM. Source: Bloomberg Total US Industrial Production is hovering right above pre-COVID-Lockdown levels, well short of 2018’s record highs… Source: Bloomberg Worse still, Manufacturing production tumbled 0.3% MoM in December, dramatically worse than the +0.3% MoM expected… Source: Bloomberg Capacity Utilization dipped back lower, holding the pre-COVID-lockdown levels… Source: Bloomberg It seems Omicron and inflation angst is slowing everything down… right as The Fed readies rate-hikes and QT? Tyler Durden Fri, 01/14/2022 – 09:20

Tesla Delaying Cybertruck Production To 2023

Tesla Delaying Cybertruck Production To 2023 It’s official: Tesla looks as though it is delaying production of its Cybertruck to 2023. Initial production of the truck is slated to start by Q1 2023, a new report from Reuters says. Delays have occurred as a result of Tesla reportedly “changing features and functions” of the electric pickup.  Production in Q1 2023 is expected to be “limited”, the report notes.  We noted yesterday that Tesla had removed its 2022 production date for the Cybertruck from the company’s website.  Edmunds was first to point out that the company’s website used to say “You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in 2022” and now it states: “You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears.” Recall, last year we reported that Tesla was delaying the Cybertruck to “late 2022”. Now it looks as though that schedule may still be too aggressive.  We wrote in September: Before we even opine on the details, we’re going to take the “over” regarding this timeline and guess the truck doesn’t happen until 2023, perhaps even later.