David French: The Conservative Case For CRT And Reparations

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Amnesty May Hinge On “Moderate” Dem Senators Manchin and Sinema. And If They Vote To Betray America, They Could Lose Their Jobs

Democrats are preparing to unveil a budget bill that will try to smuggle in an Amnesty for an undeter [...]

WASHINGTON POST: Integration Bad, Segregation Good

From the Washington Post Lifestyle section: Many Black women felt relieved to work from home, free [...]

Miscarriage Of Justice: Never-Executed Mexican Serial Killer Of White American Women And Girls Dies Of Natural Causes In Prison

Composite picture above via  Ellen Hover, left, Cornelia Michel Crilley, and Rodney Ja [...]

Magic Dirt Theory: “Life Expectancy In St. Louis Depends Greatly On Geography “

Reading Steve's calculation below of the chance of a black male getting shot to death over a 75-year [...]

Is The Murder Rate In St. Louis High In Absolute Terms?

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Argentina Establishes A Transgender Quota For Government Workers

From a New York Times article about Argentina: It comes weeks after he signed into law a measure th [...]

Boris Johnson, For One, Welcomes Our New Top Global University Overlords

From City A.M.: New visa planned for graduates of ‘top global universities’Edward Thicknesse Individ [...]

Yes, Virginia (Dare), COVID Could Have Been A Chinese Race-Based Bioweapon

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Buzzphrase Alert: “Generational Wealth” (=”White People Have Too Much Of The Money”)

During the Great Awokening, the phrase “generational wealth” has become fashionable. It means, in ef [...]

Since The Biden Administration Wants Open Borders, Texas Institutes Its Own Immigration Policy—Arresting Illegal Aliens For Trespassing. Go Texas!

A border state is doing what the federal government won't do. From the Associated Press via the NPR w [...]

John Derbyshire Indisposed, No Radio Derb This Week

John Derbyshire is not well this week, and won't be able to do Radio Derb. He'll be back next week, i [...]

Why L.a. Used To Not Have Many Homeless People: Camarillo State Mental Hospital

Other than drunks on skid row downtown, Los Angeles didn’t have many homeless people in the postwar e [...]

An Idea: “TOKYO OLYMPICS TODAY—The HBD Perspective”

I like the background picture of Usain Bolt looking over his shoulder at all the other very black bl [...]

Not An Op-Ed: “The Olympics Rely On, But Don’t Support, Black Girl Magic”

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Japan Features Its Handful Of Blacks In Olympic Opening Ceremonies

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Since 2015, More Than 10,000 People Have Been Shot In Philadelphia: 94% Of The Victims Are Black Or Brown People (City Is 34.6% White)

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Kimberlé “Intersectionality” Crenshaw on Why Whites Always Win in Olympic Running Races

A video from Kimberlé “Intersectionality” Crenshaw’s African American Policy Forum. I especially lik [...]

South Africa Reverts To The Third World: Will America?

Crossposted from Amren.comThe recent violence in South Africa wasn’t just a battle between different [...]

Cleveland Baseball Team Finally Stops Calling Themselves After Indians With Scalping Knives, But Isn't “Guardians” Racist, Too?

Whining by American Indians about sports teams named after them has been going on for a long time. On [...]