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Dr Steven Greer: There are military and law enforcement people who are quite fed up with this illegal-run operation that’s treasonous. I mean I’ll just be flat-out, put it out there: They are committing treason against the United States.

When I tell you that this group are a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths capable of this, people need to believe it and not let those guys get away with their agenda, because this is a 70-year, long-term plan that they’re coming to head, now – and you can be executed for that, as you know, by Federal Law.

I think there are certain people who are not going to sit on their hands if the Congress just dithers for another two, three, four years, because, from a law enforcement point of view, we’ve been able to prove that these operations are already criminal enterprises – and by the way, anyone who’s listening, who is an attorney: we’re starting our own legal fund to sue all these corporations for these technologies under the civilian RICO provision, Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations – it’s been used against the mafia.


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Forwarded from Australians against vaccine mandates (Yvonne Beth)
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🇦🇺🎪 Absolute state of this!

So the convid inquiry the Australian government has announced won't look into lockdowns, restrictions, school closures, curfews, closed borders, poison injections, convid poison injection mandates or mask mandates.

So what are they doing the inquiry for? for what exactly?
Forwarded from 3D to 5D Consciousness
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Oh yes, let the vigilante activity begin!

This ULEZ hating bladerunner crushes two police cruisers enforcing the low emission zone!

Oh yeah baby - you'll love this! The heat has been turned up 👊👊👊

Forwarded from Hidden In Plain Sight
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💥Pastor Rodney Howard Browne...

“All the vaccinations are killing people giving people autism and every kind of disease known to man...if they don’t die now they’ll die later of cancer”

These ‘vaccines’ also make you sterile.....they don’t want you having children 😡😡

GOD CAN AND WILL PREVAIL ......BUT YOU MUST STOP LISTENING TO PHYSICIANS/DOCTORS/GOVERNMENTS & MSM..... they are only raping you of your money and the ability to have a beautiful, happy, healthy family.....

#notoemf #noto5g #notovaccines #turnoffwifi #notosmartwatches #notogmofood #notofluoride #notodepopulation #saveourbabies #educateyourself #theyaremakingusinfertile #doyourresearch #themedicalprofessionislying
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❗️Thousands of Melbournians dedicate a minute silence for the victims of the Dan Andrews Regime.

🙏For those who were killed by Dan Andrews through lockdowns, mental health and COVID 19 vaccines.
.. Lest we forget.
SARS COV 5  Pandemic,
Outbreak simulation year 2024 in the pipe line.

Read more here👇

Forwarded from THE FIVE8 TAKE
Combat in our region is just around the corner. They are preparing for 2025.
Media is too big
‼️ Canadian citizen receives a standing ovation after laying out Klaus Schwab’s plan to enslave the world ‼️


Time to keep 'repeating' their AGENDA back at them, see where they'll find the 'misinformation' NOW.

AND make it 🖐💥 LOUD & PROUD 💥🖐

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Forwarded from Rachel Vaughan
There is a tunnel that stretches all the way beneath the ocean from Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island.

It is called the Backstairs Passage pipeline.

‘The Backstairs Passage pipeline, constructed in the early 20th century, extends through a tunnel from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw. This tunnel is a remarkable engineering achievement, as it is one of Australia’s few undersea tunnels. The government enlisted workers from the nearby Talisker mine for the tunneling project. Stretching nearly 20 kilometers beneath Backstairs Passage, you can traverse the entire tunnel, connecting Cape Jervis to Penneshaw, without the need for a ferry.’

There is no doubt in my mind that this tunnel has been and probably IS being used for nefarious purposes. Just the name on its own would be a draw card for satanic minds.

No wonder Kangaroo Island is such a stronghold for Adelaide’s cult fraternity.!
Forwarded from THE FIVE8 TAKE
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Protestors at the step of parliament call for a systematic change!

“Our representative democracy does No represent the people.”

VIA: Rukshan Live Stream

Forwarded from Aboriginal Voice Exposed
Did the alternative media just save Australia? Back in the mid-1980s an organisation called The Australian League Of Rights was fighting the New World Order. They were holding community meetings and conferences across the nation with speakers such as Jeremy Lee. They produced videos and books that circulate to this day and still operate an online bookshop

One of those books and films was Red Over Black by Geoff McDonald. The ABC is very concerned about Red Over Black because it exposes the globalist agenda behind Aboriginal land rights. So it was telegram that brought this important work back into focus when in January we and other alternative media started sharing it.

The documentary convincingly outlines not only the agenda behind the Voice, but how successful Christian Nationalism was for Aboriginal people. It details first-hand accounts about how Aboriginal life drastically improved once they accepted Christianity and worked with whites to transition from savage stone-age living to civilisation. It also goes onto explain the racial replacement of European Australians by foreigners as part of a communist plot to destroy the nation (something we see happening now).

Thank you to everyone who has posted/shared this documentary and its great modern remix by Blacklisted Research. It has now been seen hundreds of thousands of times. If things were left to the MSM, I don’t think we would be winning this referendum.

Link to documentary:

Youtube Link:

Link to book PDF

Secret Communist Plot Behind 'Voice' Exposed